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Five Things About Online Marketing Technique That Work

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The online marketing technique that you can be implementing little by little.The term viral marketing is also used to describe covert marketing campaigns based on the Internet, including the use of blogs, sites. According to Peter Drucker, one of the biggest marketing professionals “the purpose of the company is to create and maintain a customer.” Essentially, creating a customer means attracting it through one medium or another, while maintaining a client means being able to keep it over time. No matter how good your product or service is, you will not achieve success if you do not know how to “create” clients; In other words, you have must know how to make an effective online marketing technique.

If you have an online business, your company will be as strong as your marketing plan. It is important to realize that online marketing changes and evolves constantly, what works today may not work tomorrow.

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Guest blogging online marketing technique

Guest blogging is an online marketing technique widespread in America and is increasing in popularity in Spain: it consists of collaborating as a guest on a blog friend of your own sector, contributing articles with very relevant content about your specialty and vice versa, as you can open your blog to collaborations that have something to offer your readers. The benefit falls on all parties. You get notoriety, show your knowledge to a new audience, publicly receive the trust of other colleagues, find new professional contacts and business opportunities, gain followers and receive quality links. The host achieves quality content without effort, more traffic and more quality, virality and, what is better: much of the notoriety and trust that has been deposited in you are returned to your audience in the form of subscription and loyalty. The audience gets good content, relevant and useful on a specific topic, with the signature of a professional in the sector and the quality of an expert in the field.

Marketing Presentationonline marketing technique

Another form of online marketing technique that is very effective is sending a presentation of the company to our customers. When we first introduce ourselves to a client, we need you to know us, to know what we can help you with, how is our team, what is our business proposal and what is your interest. It is a lot of information in a very short time and it is likely that the client will forget important data. This is where the “Presentation of the company” comes into play. It is not the same talking to a client and leaving our business proposal, that in addition to talking to him, we send a small dossier as a presentation of the company, that the client can consult at any time and make clear all those things that for us are essential. In addition to sending it to your client, you can share your presentation on social networks and blogs to get more traffic and visibility on your website. If you do it right, your presentation can go viral and get thousands of visits from different places.

 Multimedia Contentonline marketing technique

Any form of multimedia content (infographics, videos, podcasts …) will win you visit always, and when it is well designed and of quality. The reason is very simple, people are more likely to get involved with multimedia content than with plain text. A recent study by Alltwitter.com revealed that infographics can increase social communication actions by up to 832%. In addition, having video in your content can give you a better positioning in the search engines.

Mobile phone Online Marketing technique0nline marketing technique

The number of people who visit websites through their mobile phones continues to increase at a huge pace, but very few web pages are adapted to be seen on mobile devices. If your website is not adapted to this type of device, you may lose customers and the opportunity to “create” them. According to data from Google, 67% of people are more likely to buy in a site that is compatible with smartphones than in a site that is not. This year, mobile marketing will be more important – and effective – than ever; You should try experimenting with mobile ads and creating viral campaigns aimed at smartphone users.

Online Marketing technique of Applicationsonline marketing technique

Every day more Smartphones come to the market and the demand for applications is increasing. Your company must be aware that their customers are not all day in front of the computer, but they seek information and buy from anywhere with their Smartphone. Creating an App is an ideal opportunity to reach your customers at all times and benefit your exposure. In this way a new sales channel is created, you generate the brand image and your company differences from others in your same area.

Finally, the market matures, so do companies but above all customers. They are undoubted, the ones that supply our companies. And it is not enough to be good with our products, it is necessary to specialize in the way we deliver information, for this reason, we must have best online marketing technique.




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