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Older people are constant protagonists of the news. Either because they achieve sports, academic or also because they are victims of crime or abandonment. And they will be more frequently, because, by the year 2050, the proportion of the planet’s inhabitants over 60 will double, reaching 22%. This, it is common to see in the news that inadequate terms are used to refer to the older people, such as old man, grandfather, pensioner, fossil or senile.older people

There are numerous resources available for journalists with style guides whose purpose is to use a language free of stereotypes and discrimination when talking about aging and old age.

According to the latest published by the INE, in January 2011 there were more than 8 million people over 65 in Spain. The services and businesses associated with the age are undoubtedly a bet for the future since this demographic group only added more than 7 million individuals only 10 years ago. The population pyramid and a very low birth rate predict that the phenomenon will continue to accentuate in the coming decades.

Therefore, it seems clear that it is a good idea to reflect on business ideas for the elderly, beyond obvious services such as residences or home health care. In this article, we have 8 new proposals to inspire you.

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Custom financial adviceolder people

Older people are usually the ones who have more wealth, simply because they have worked a lifetime, but with age, they can begin to be more concerned about the best ways to invest their savings, especially in a changing and insecure environment like the current economy. It is also frequent that the person who managed the finances of the couple dies, leaving the other without many ideas.

For these reasons, it is reasonable to think of financial services for the elderly, with reliable and safe products and basic personal finance tips.

Web dating for seniorsolder people

The Internet has long ceased to be a place reserved for young people. More and older people are connected, and they do not always find the services adapted to their needs. A possible business idea is a dating page reserved for the elderly, which both in its design and in its philosophy should be quite different from younger websites. The goals of a single or a widow of 70 years are usually quite different from those of the twenty-somethings.

Yoga classes at homeolder people

To maintain the form, you can think of offering a service for seniors of yoga classes at home, or even in a gym. The idea is to offer a progressive physical activity suitable for all audiences, allowing exercise without risk of injury.

Classes and computer counselingolder people

Although we have said above that more and older people use computers and mobile devices, it is also true that many have difficulty learning, and that changes in technology are becoming faster. That’s why a service to seniors that includes computer classes, or an advice at home can be a good business idea.

Nutritionistolder people

With age, there are many health complications, such as diabetes or heart problems. A good number of these ailments imply a special diet, and that is where it is interesting to think of a nutritionist service for the older people. The idea is to prepare lists of foods appropriate to each case, with recommendations and warnings.

Handyman at homeolder people

When they reach the age of retirement, many people take the opportunity to make arrangements at home, thanks to the time available. But as time passes, the physical condition is not always maintained and it may be necessary to ask for help to continue repairing various problems and installing the typical improvements at home. That is why a service for older people handyman at home can be interesting.

Advisor in health insuranceolder people

Depending on what happens with Public Health, health insurance will take more prominence or not. At the moment it seems that the general trend in Western countries is a progressive privatization of the health sector, and therefore it is reasonable to think that private insurers will grow.

This phenomenon can lead to a specialized business, that of adviser in health insurance for the older people. It is not only about selling insurance as any brokerage would, but advising the best coverage and solving the possible problems with insurers. By logic, the older people are the ones who need the most health services and the most possibilities of conflicts with insurance may have. Hence the concept of the personal advisor. Just as there are private companies resorting to fines, this advisor would appeal to insurers in case of problems.

Adaptation of housesolder people

More age in many cases is synonymous with less mobility. To maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home it may be necessary to adapt some things (stairs, bathrooms, showers, doors, warning system in case of an incident). Therefore, thinking of a company whose business focuses on adapting the homes of the older people who need it can become a profitable business.

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