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How to achieve muscle toning?

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Muscle toning-130or tone up is words that are usually heard daily in gyms and of which many people have unclear or erroneous concepts. Toning is understood as the process of marking the muscles, by eliminating body fat, to the point that it reaches a low percentage. And of course it must be accompanied by a gain in muscle toning or previous hypertrophy.

Basically this process of transformation of the body begins with the muscle gain stage and ends with the fat loss phase. In both periods it is very important to perform exercises. And follow a balanced diet, depending on the objective you want to achieve.

A person who goes to the gym for the first time seeks to lower the percentage of fat and at the same time gain muscle mass. These have a long way to go, since this requires a lot of effort. And sacrifice that not many are willing to overcome. While it is true that the muscle being a metabolically active tissue. It is therefore able to accelerate the metabolic rate. And therefore the burning of fat. It is necessary to understand the great difference that exists between losing weight through the elimination of fat. And defining the muscles, toning requires a low body fat index that ranges between 10% and 12%.

However, there are those who resort to certain “tricks” to achieve notable changes. But without becoming definitive. And that often act as a way to stimulate training and good eating. In the opposite case they are the bodybuilders who prefer to carry out these processes in long stages, first to get volume and then continue with the definition of it.

How to achieve adequate muscle toning?

muscle toning

One of the most erroneous and common beliefs is that toning the body is achieved through weight-lifting routines, with low loads and a high number of repetitions that must be complemented with cardiovascular exercise sessions. Although it is true, this method can bring some benefits, it is not the most effective, and it is usually only used by poorly advised trainers due to their lack of willingness to teach their students about the complexity of the body.

 Overweight toning

In order for an overweight person to properly tone their body. They must first lose the excess fat they have in their body. And this goal is achieved by gaining muscle toning. So they must also follow a hypo caloric diet.

On the other hand, cardiovascular exercise should be done with a session of maximum 20 minutes, three times a week and after weight training.

Cardio is characterized as an exercise that uses glycogen stores as a source of energy during the first 30 minutes. This means that doing aerobic exercises is not entirely beneficial for the body for two reasons:

  • First by not directly resorting to fat as fuel, then little is being done to reduce this excessive accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • Second, glycogen, serving as an energy source for the muscles and not having it, they begin to degrade, which leads to a slower metabolic rate and therefore to the accumulation of fat more quickly.

While it is true that with cardio you can lose weight. You must first understand that weight loss to fat burning is not the same. It may seem complex, but it is not; So in a nutshell, the most effective way to eliminate adipose tissue through weightlifting and cardio to a lesser extent.

Toning in people with thin

In cases where the person suffers from thinness within the recommended weight. Although with a small accumulation of fat that denotes sagging. We must resort in the same way to the gain of strength. And muscle toning by performing strength. And hypertrophy exercises, as well how to carry out a moderate hypo caloric diet.

The word “moderate” is used because being that a person who barely starts in the world of fitness. And does not perform high intensity routines, does not require large amounts of energy to start seeing the first results.

From there it begins with the toning stage, reducing caloric intake, mainly of fats. And carbohydrates, complementing  with cardiovascular exercises, which is for fat burning or to gain physical resistance. And significantly improve the system cardiac.

Toning in women

A woman, regardless of the context, must also go through the hypertrophy stage. Since if there is no adequate musculature; obviously there will be nothing to define.

It is important to understand that a woman who lifts more than 5 kg will not achieve a robust and muscular body, despite training for years. This is because they do not produce as much testosterone as men, essential hormones so that muscle growth can occur in large dimensions, so this should not worry you.


Muscle toning-With all this we can say that toning is a complex process and requires a lot of time, sacrifice. And certainly more perseverance than the same muscle mass gain. Because we are at a stage where accumulated fat must be lost to the limits recommended to not harm the body.

If you have just entered a gym and you think that you are a person of thin build. You can quickly start to tone up. And then it is time to change your mind and set clearer and more realistic goals.

Remember again that even if you suffer from rest, intense cardiovascular exercise. And prolonging should be avoided in its entirety since in this way only conducive to the burning of muscle mass.

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