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The eight keys to choosing motorcycle insurance well

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Motorcycle insurance-The days lengthen, the sun warms more and more, the clouds. Although more frequent in the Mediterranean, gradually give way to the sun and the good weather.  Spring comes and with it, the desire to get on a motorcycle. And travel the roads of USA through the endless plains of Castillo, until reaching the confines of Extramural. And Andalusia, or the Cantabrigian mountain ranges.

So much so that there are calculations that ensure that between March. And May motorcycle insurance contracts soar 105% compared to the rest of the months of the year. More motorcycles are bought, first and second hand. And therefore must be secured before launching Easy rider on the routes of the peninsula. It is not going to be that we have a stumbling block. And we cannot cover ourselves, even to tow it up to a workshop.

Therefore, the first thing after acquiring a motorcycle. And before even starting it, is to take out adequate insurance to our characteristics. It is not an easy task, but not impossible; There are many variables that are involved, from the use that we are going to give if we are going to take someone as a package. Or if they will sleep in the parking lot or our children will take it, etc. Here we tell you the eight main keys to get right when hiring insurance for your motorcycle.

Top keys to choosing motorcycle insurance

motorcycle insurance

What motorcycle we bought

If it is a new and good machine, the insurance will condition as input. The reason is that the basic one, to third parties without any coverage, falls short. Unless we are going to take it very little and sleep in a garage just for her, we will have to opt for a full motorcycle insurance with franchise. An alternative is third party insurance with coverage against theft and fire. If it is also an expensive brand we can add roadside assistance to be towed to the nearest workshop.

 If it is second hand

In this case, perhaps the most sensible thing is to think of third-party insurance with roadside assistance coverage in case it is a fairly current or value model. If you already have a few thousand miles behind you and you are not a collector model, with a third party without more coverage we may have enough, although much insurance include assistance in the base.

The use that we will give

It is not the same to buy a motorcycle to take it out on weekends, or to go from home to within the city, than another to use it professionally in logistics tasks or continuous displacements. In the first case, we can consider dispensing with certain coverage, such as robberies or even roadside assistance, as there can always be a workshop nearby.

In case of professional use, the logical thing would be to opt for full-risk motorcycle insurance with a certain franchise or a third party but with coverage against theft, roadside assistance, damage claim or driver assistance. There are hardly any companies that offer pure risk insurance for motorcycles.

Where will you sleep?

On the street it is exposed to theft or fire, for example, so these covers should be contemplated. In the garage it will be much better and the risk will be much lower.

The kilometers we will make annually

The more miles, the greater the likelihood of an accident, no matter if we have great driving skills or that we are extremely cautious; Not everything depends on us. If we consider a very intensive use it is better to contemplate the coverage’s of roadside assistance, damage claim, driver assistance, etc. If we are going to use the motorcycle only for Sunday, we can reduce some coverage and thus reduce the motorcycle insurance.

Will we take someone package?

Despite being considered a third party and therefore being covered with basic motorcycle insurance, in some insurance a franchise is imposed on the companion. In that case, if we have an accident and something happens, we will be forced to pay an additional amount for the cost of your medical care. In other words, the assistance to the companion is one of the coverage’s to take into account.

Will other people use it?

Another aspect that should be looked at with magnifying glass in the insurance conditions is whether it covers the possibility that more than one person can drive the motorcycle covered by the insurance. Some companies allow it and others, on the other hand, consider the additional driver another contractor based on their age, seniority, etc., and require them to take out additional insurance.

Whether or not we have previous experience

The age and seniority at the controls of a motorcycle, that is to say the age of our card, weigh heavily on not a few companies when calculating a premium. If we are mature and veteran we will pay less than the young and new.

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