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The most popular sports in America

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The most popular sports in America! … The world of sports always seeks new horizons and there are ten of them that are the most practiced around the world.  The sport continues to grow as for many it is not just a simple game, such as our motto of  Sports. Sport is much more than a simple game. For us, for millions of people to practice sport or at least enjoy it. And follow it, takes passion to much more than just a game or entertainment. The most popular sports in America are football, baseball and basketball. Football, contrary to what happens in many other countries where it is the star. And moves the greatest sums of money, is beginning to gain notoriety. But is still far from reaching the first places.

Top  most popular sports in America

Super Bowl

The most popular sports in America

The most popular sports in America are a fundamental part of the culture. And in turn greatly influence the sport worldwide. Men are sports lovers and there are some disciplines that are more popular than others. The American football, the baseball and basketball are the sports star in America.

American Football

top most popular sports in America

American football is a super exciting sport for fans. Among the main characteristics that make it so popular are: The blows (characteristic of boxing), the accuracy of the passes (as in basketball) and the camaraderie (typical of baseball). The National Football League consists of 32 professional teams that are located in the most important cities of the America. The most important teams are the Green Bay Packers with 15 championships. Followed by the Chicago Bears with nine and the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants with eight. The Super Bowl, the final game of the championship, is the most watched program on American television. The last edition, number 50, in which the Denver Broncos. And the Carolina Panthers faced, was seen through CBS by 111.9 million people. Becoming like this for the fifth time, in the most watched program in the history of American television. Despite being so successful in this country, American football has not run with the same fate in other countries of the world, where the undisputed leader is football.


discover  most popular sports in America

Baseball is a long-standing most popular sports in america, more than 100 years of history. And that tops the lists of the most popular in the country along with football and basketball. This year, 2018, finally the America was consecrated for the first time as World Baseball Classic Champion after beating Puerto Rico. Among the legends of this sport are Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson. Baseball is also a sport that moves a lot of money. One of the main revenues is television rights that are divided into regional, national and international. Another important entry is the Major League Baseball (MLB) digital platform, which includes the online store, radio, TV, applications and other products. Lastly, there is the audience that attends the matches, About 30 thousand people attend every baseball game in the United States. During which they spend money on drink, food, merchandising and others. The Major League Baseball, is one of the leagues that receives more money in the world with an average of 9.5 billion dollars.


 most popular sports in America

Basketball at the level of competition is a very exciting sport, not suitable for cardiac, since a match can be defined with the last shot to the basket. The America was the leader at the level of international competition and accumulated Olympic medals until 1972. That year was defeated by the then Soviet Union. Progressively, basketball began to be appreciated by other countries in the world and the United States, thus losing the exclusivity that it had retained for four decades. Basketball, as it happens with other sports, moves a lot of money not only in what refers to the game itself, but also in everything that surrounds it as advertising, image rights and others. An example of this is the player of Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He is the image of the brand of basketball shoes Curry On helping Under Armor. The brand grew 350% since the player was champion of the NBA, raising more than 153 million dollars with this model of footwear.

Ice hockey

best  most popular sports in America

It is a most popular winter sport in the cities of the north and northeast of the United States. It is characterized by being contact and quite rough. The National Ice Hockey League (NHL), which has 30 teams (23 from the United States and 7 from Canada), generates 3.7 billion dollars per year. It is one of the most historic sports tournaments, the 2016-2017 season is number 99 of the NHL.


Unlike what happens in other countries of the world such as Spain, England and Germany, where football is the sport par excellence, in the  America it has popularity but it does not occupy the first places. Major League Soccer (MLS) is the professional league, was created in 1996 when the United States hosted the World Cup and has 20 teams. This sport has grown since then and is expected to do even more. The Copa America Centenario, special edition that took place in 2016, had this country as its headquarters. There are projections that by 2020 the number of MLS teams will reach 24 and that the 2026 World Cup will be hosted by the United States.

Other important sports in the in America:

  • Tennis
  • Car racing
  • Volleyball
  • Martial Arts
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Rugby

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