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Your mobile phone with these 5 tips you will save the data

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Although nowadays, the data rates offered by the different mobile phone operators are becoming cheaper and many have even opted for unlimited plans, there is still a large group of users who need to control their consumption every time they enter. to the network through your mobile phone.

We all know that most of the applications we use daily, especially those of music, videos or games, consume large amounts of mobile data to upload and download content to and from our phones. In this sense, accessing them on a regular basis can make the data we have contracted with the telephony operator disappear quickly and before the end of the month we can no longer connect to the Internet or they charge us a very high surcharge.

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Important! Mobile data is what your mobile phone uses to connect to the Internet when you can not use your home Wi-Fi network or when you’re away from home.

And while, more and more companies offer attractive rates that include a large amount of data for you to use on your mobile phone, very few are lucky enough to have a contract with unlimited Internet access and no small print or commitment to stay.

To limit the use of data that you make from your mobile phone, I advise you to follow these practical tips:

Limit the cost of data mobile phone

You can limit mobile data spending in two ways:

Activating the control monitor of data consumption of your mobile phone. In the case that your phone works with Android, you must go to Settings Use of data. If your mobile has an iOS operating system you must go to Settings  Mobile data. And if you have Windows Phone you must activate the Data Sensor application, which also allows you to set consumption limits.

Installing one of the many data saving applications on your mobile phone. One of the best known is Opera Max, which can help you reduce the overall consumption of applications by creating a direct connection with your telephone operator that is activated by using mobile data to compress all the input and output information.

Update your apps only by Wi-Fimobile phone

All those who have a mobile phone and one other downloaded application will know that every so often it is necessary to update them. Given this, I advise you to always do this type of process through a domestic Wi-Fi network or, in the worst case, public. The update of an application is a process that consumes a lot of data and that, in addition, needs a very good quality of network so that it does not take a long time.

To activate this option, you only have to follow the instructions that correspond to the operating system of your mobile phone:

Android: Go to Applications → Settings → Update automatically → Update applications automatically only through Wi-Fi.

iOS: Go to Settings → iTunes Store and App Store → uncheck the “Use mobile data” box.

Change the options of your applications to save datamobile phone

There are applications that consume a significant amount of data, however, most of them have options so we can control spending. For example, if you are someone who uses Dropbox, you can check the box to only synchronize the photos when you are connected to Wi-Fi. And in Spotify, you can lower the quality of the sound, which will also save data on your rate.

Download only the applications you are going to usemobile phone

Currently, stores like Google Play or Apple Store have an unlimited amount of games, applications, books and many other tempting things to download on our smart mobile phones, most for free. However, it is important that you only have in your mobile phone those that you really need or use, since this type of applications keep pulling your data plan even if you do not use them.

In addition, it is necessary that from time to time you perform a cleanup and delete all those applications that are only found on your mobile to spend battery and data.

Use the airplane mode of your mobile phone mobile phone

Believe it or not, the airplane mode of your mobile phone can be your best friend both when you need to save battery on your mobile phone and when you want to save data. In this last case, and given that this option deactivates all the functions of your phone (calls, messages, mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) there is no possibility that you will consume a Mega.

I advise you to use this option only when you are sure you do not want to receive calls, messages or any other notification.

Hire a rate that suits your needs

Although, it is not an advice to save data of a package that you already have hired, subscribing a plan with the number of megabytes necessary to satisfy your needs can be the best form of economy.

For that, I advise you to review very well the offers currently proposed by the market and compare all the rates of the different operators. For that, you can visit the Comparison of the offers of the mobile phone operators that I have prepared for you to analyze all the possibilities and choose the most convenient one.



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