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Men’s shoes – Christmas is the time of the year in which we all want to dress in our best clothes so that we can celebrate these intimate parties with the family and be elegant. To dress properly at Christmas, it is not necessary only the elegance of a good suit or of the garments that are trend in autumn winter 2019


At present, and seeing all the proposals of fashion firms in regard to footwear, we cannot say that there is a rule for us to wear a certain type of shoe at Christmas parties, although we can find some proposals that They are perhaps the best option when it comes to arranged for dinner and family meals, and to be able to combine with a suit or with the “casual” style.

On the other hand, Christmas is a time to shine, so apart from the footwear proposals that we see below, you can always choose “squeaky” proposals such as those of Christian and that you can appreciate in the top i .Shoes with “studs” that we remember, are again very fashionable and that will make you go to the last.


Before seeing Christmas shoes for formal styles, I want to tell you about a trend in footwear this fall winter 2019, such as wearing boots or ankle boots.

Models like this one that you see here in black, and without being very tall, are the best option for men that this Christmas bet on “casual outfits” from matching jerseys and pants.

Boots in brown leather. Footwear also very appropriate for Christmas 2019. Are you going to wear an urban style for the celebration of Christmas Eve or the end of the year? Surely with boots like these you will be right.

Also military style boots are again a trend this season, so you can choose them for this Christmas. He thinks that this type of footwear is currently worn with skinny pants and with boots covering the pants.


Whether you wear a suit, or prefer a “casual” style that is formal; the best option is to opt for the closed shoe style, and black. The “Blucher” type shoes are also a trend for the winter of 2014, and more if you choose those that have details like these in the photo, with a slight chop on the tip.

If you choose to wear a suit but it is a color like blue, or even black, you can choose shoes that are another color to those seen above. Like these that are known as “slim black tag” and that you can also look great with dress pants and jersey with prints also in blue, for example.



Above all you have to take into account that each suit requires a shoe and that if you go with a suit and tie you cannot wear depending on which shoes, blacks are the best option. If you go with pants.

7 different dress shoes for men that you will love

Dress shoes are a must in any gentleman’s wardrobe, but one thing you should be super aware of is that not all dress shoes are for any type of man. This often depends on the type of activities you do, your style of dress as well as your age, have you taken it into account?

So that you can make a right choice of this type of footwear, we have prepared for you a selection of different styles that you could take into account for your different outfits, remember that it is not only that you have a pair, it is about having them agree to your needs, check the info!


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#1- Perfect for a suit

When you wear a suit, there are two variables that you must take into account to make a good choice: the first one is that the suit is your size, that is, it fits your body perfectly; and the second is that the pair of shoes you wear are appropriate. For example, if you have a very formal meeting at work or with a client, then it is best that they be with laces.

For example, this pair could come in handy with a suit in Oxford gray, black or even navy blue. These shoes not having so many details are sober and elegant, they will make you look well dressed and very ad hoc with the type of appointment you have.

Being made of leather, it becomes a pair of soft shoes that will allow you to walk throughout the day if you require it.

#2- Do you have more blue suits?

Having a pair of blue suits is a dress strategy that will never fail since this color has the middle touch between elegance and chance that all men do well. So if you use this tone a lot, it is best to have a good pair of brown dress shoes, they will always get you out of trouble!

This pair in brown combines super well and is a fact that with a blue suit makes a very flattering contrast, in addition to being made of perforated skin, it will allow your foot to perspire properly. As if this were not enough, they are a pair of light shoes with which you will feel very comfortable.

Also remember that perforated skin is very much in trend, with which, you bring that chic touch to your look.


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#3- Your look is to dress, but not a suit?

If you do not need to go to work or to your appointments because of your activities but also the code is to dress, then you can reduce the formality and that can be expressed very well with the type of dress shoes you wear. Maybe you wear a shirt and dress pants and complement it with a blazer that gives a sophisticated and chic touch to your look, so there is a good option.

These lightweight shoes will become your best allies and by not having laces, they automatically mark a style of dress but not so rigid. You can use them for a work day and even if you go to dinner with your friends or your partner at night, it will also be perfect for any elegant restaurant, buy them now!

#4- To dress and with a lot of wave!

Coffee is a color that could be classified as a “wild card” because it is good for almost any type of outfit and combination that you decide. There are some boys who like that their shoes do not go unnoticed and that is why they look for something that is a bit more striking, but without falling into excess. Then, you could bet on a pair like this, which are dress shoes with perforated skin but whose buckle on the side make them soft shoes that will stand out from others.

#5- Are you a little more classic but do you like to look good?

There are some men who like to look good but not take too much risk on the footwear issue and it’s not bad! For them there are also dress shoes that are sober, comfortable for any occasion and easily abominable.

The perfect example is this: the laces give a classic touch, the style is not flashy but they do look great to go to the office, to a social event and even look good in a business meeting, if you are like that, Try these!

#6- To combine with all types of attire

What are the colors predominate in your wardrobe in terms of pants? If the answers are black, navy blue, gray and different types of scratches, then black shoes are the best choice in dress shoes, for example these you see here.

The touch of their brooch with Velcro makes them a casual model that will harmonize perfectly with different styles of socks. Play with them so they always look different.

#7- Moccasins for fashion lovers

And although you couldn’t believe it, moccasins are also dress shoes, but there are moccasins to moccasins.

If in your wardrobe there are Chinese type pants that are not of cloth and in a bit more risky color, what will suit you is a pair of this type of footwear.

Use them preferably without socks and according to the type of look you want to project. They are perfect for a relaxed Friday at the office and at night some dinner with friends.

Which ones are you going to stay with?

You saw that there is great variety in dress shoes and best of all, they go with any type of personality, style of dress and occupation, decide which one is best for you and make them your best ally in the wardrobe, try it already!.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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