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Men’s clothing: 3 ideas to combine with black shoes

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Men’s clothing-There are few men’s shoes that are not black because this has become the most used color among men’s clothing because it is very much associated with formality and seriousness. So many use it to go to Work or dress formally. However, casual outfits have also benefited from this trend, as there are more and blacker shoes to wear every day.

The good thing about this is that there are thousands of options in black men’s shoes that literally combine with everything. So you’ll never lack moments to wear them. It is for these reasons that we have decided to dedicate this edition of your Felix Style Guide to black footwear, so that you get inspired. And get new ideas to combine it. So you will give more variety to your outfits with men’s clothing that is more fashion.


Men's clothing: 3 ideas to combine with black shoes

Nothing looks more elegant than wearing a suit with black shoes. This outfit is ideal to go to work at a place where the dress code is stricter, to attend an elegant event or to have an important meeting, whether work or social. This is a classic style that has been used for several years. And is therefore timeless, so it will not go out of style.

If you have a blue, gray or black suit among your men’s clothing, the best way to wear it is with black shoes since these will give a touch of elegance much greater to wearing any other men’s shoes. Attention, brown. Or beige suits are an exception, as these will generally look better with brown shoes or Wine.

The men’s shoes that you can wear for your most elegant attire are classic Derby type, as they will accentuate the formality of the suit. This footwear model can be found in the Flexi catalog with an additional attribute. The Walking Soft System that will give you more cushioning when walking, making each step more comfortable.


Another idea to combine your black shoes is with a more relaxed outfit but in turn, updated and fashionable. The denim in dark colors is very fashionable and you will probably see it a lot during this year, especially in the pants and in the men’s clothing, so if you want to join this trend and look today a way to do it is using some black jeans

This garment combines with many others, so you will not have any problem when dressing every morning. However, to continue with that youthful accent given by these pants, we recommend combining them with a modern shirt. Those that are designed with a pattern are a good option because they are outstanding and will give a novel detail to your style. Choose a shirt that is striped, plaid, that has dots or that has a special texture, you will notice the difference from the first minute you use it.

In the Flexi catalog you can find several models of men’s shoes that will combine this style; however there are two models that will be more in line with it. The first are urban sneakers that you can use to go for a walk or spend a weekend with your family. This type of shoe is very comfortable and dynamic, so you will feel freer when doing outdoor activities.

The second pair of men’s shoes that will look great with this outfit are the Boston-type ones. This model contrasts thanks to its white sole, which gives it a very modern touch and will draw attention to your feet, making them protagonists of your clothing.


Men’s clothing is usually a bit radical in relation to the seasons as most are listed for cold or heat. Fortunately, there are some intermediate pieces that can be used in those days where the sun rises. But the air is fresh. This is known as the seasonal transition, for example when winter is nearing its end. And therefore there are already some sunny days. So you have to dress accordingly.

For seasonal transitions, black men’s shoes are ideal since they are timeless. And do not belong exclusively to a time of the year. An example of this is the corn type that can be used with a thick sock in winter and without socks in summer. For the rest of your outfit you need to combine garments that are also part of this category. For example long-sleeved shirts. These cover a little more than normal shirts, without becoming as warm as a sweater.Oor a jacket so they will be perfect for changing the weather.

Casual corn skin Grain Flexi If you want to look spectacular and you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! We have the solution, you just have to go to flex’s online store and get to know the Knights section, in it you will find the perfect footwear for you. Get in now!

How to dress a man for a wedding

Men in general, think that choosing a wardrobe to go to a wedding is easy and simple, it is not so, because it requires a lot of attention and time. The important thing is that you wear a suit that is appropriate for a wedding and that highlights your own style.

The first thing to know is these guidelines…

Wedding Schedule. To choose the ideal wardrobe you must know the type of wedding. And also the time it takes place. See the invitation card is very important, many of the brides tell you what kind of should suit use.

The half-tag suit. It is the most recommended suit for all men who are invited to a wedding party . The  half-label suit  is that type of jacket , you can use it with a bow tie or tie. It all depends on your tastes, the bow tie will always be recommended at an afternoon / evening wedding.

For a wedding that takes place on the day. For these weddings it is recommended that the man wear lighter-colored suits , for example … gray or blue. And if you dare to wear more neutral colors such as toasted you will go very well too. It all depends on the personal tastes of each one.

Dress a man for a wedding 2 Dress a man for a wedding 3

Weddings that take place in the evening. It is forbidden to wear light suits, it is better that you opt for dark colored suits such as navy blue, charcoal gray or black, for one of these colors you can choose. The dark colored suits, if you wear black you must choose to wear a tuxedo, it will always be more ideal for the evening / evening wedding.

The tie is the element that should never be missing in a man’s suit. You must choose a tie that goes in the style of the suit and that matches perfectly with the color of the  long-sleeved shirt  you are wearing, be it a more striking or more sober tie but as long as it fits well with the shirt you are wearing.

The shoes should be elegant and fur. The color of the shoes should match the suit, especially with the pants.

It is very important that they are always clean and new, never scratched or worn.

The accessories are important when wearing a suit. Wear a belt, in the pocket of the jacket, wear a patterned. Or plain handkerchief and always a nice watch on your wrist.

Tips for wearing a suit:

  • Always wear a long -sleeved shirt. If it is better white But we will opt with colors like sky blue, raw, beige or with a thin diplomatic stripe.  Or  Vichy square  always in  very light tones .
  • What we advise you is to wear the two-button jacket. Because they are more elegant and never go out of style.
  • The sleeves of the jacket should allow seeing some shirt, from half a centimeter to a centimeter approximately. The length of the pants must not exceed the instep.
  • We advise you to wear a black suit, white shirt, black tie and beautiful black leather shoes for festive events.
  • It is very important that the collar of the shirt should always appear a centimeter above the jacket, that way your look will look well balanced.
  • You should always use a jacket that fits comfortably to the silhouette of your body. It should not be tight and much less small; you must be your right size.

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