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Civil marriage cakes: 5 keys that you should consider to choose it

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In the celebration of marriage cakes, there is an essential element that is part of the decoration and that also becomes the center of attention. the marriage cakes! In this opportunity, we tell you what you must take into account before choosing it.

The union between two people is something beautiful to celebrate. And, as we well know, if we talk about celebrating, we talk about food.The marriage cakes take all the looks in a celebration of this magnitude, so we have to make a worthy of such prestige. Here I show you beautiful wedding marriage cakes that will inspire you.marriage cakes

Whether traditional or modern, the marriage cakes, as well as other elements such as, for example, the civil marriage decoration, the buffet, the hairstyle, the groom’s suit or the bridal bouquet; they should reflect not only the style of the celebration but that of the couple as well; in such a way that, both feel satisfied. Therefore, it is essential that you, your fiancé and you, be informed about the different options in terms of designs, textures, and flavors that will lead them to make the best decision. Do you want to know more? We tell you marriage cakes below everything you need to know.

Marriage cakes about the Sizesmarriage cakes

The civil marriage cakes, unlike cakes for a religious wedding, are usually not so big, since it is a more intimate meeting between family and friends closer to the couple. It is usually two or three levels, although some prefer a simple one-story cake. You will find at the same time a great variety of prices of marriage cakes appropriate for each pocket. Our recommendation is that you inform yourself with the provider so that you can contemplate the different options for your celebration.

Marriage cakes about the decorationmarriage cakes

As for decoration, your imagination is the limit. Starting with the colors, where we will find from very simple combinations in white and pastel tones to more contemporary designs with strong colors, striking and original textures. You can decorate your beautiful civil wedding cake with flowers, ribbons, fabrics, fruits, bows, figures and many other things; with which you can make your marriage cakes look elegant and even as a beautiful work of art. Read more 6 ways to make an outdoor marriage

Types and flavors of Marriage cakes marriage cakes

As for the taste of civil marriage cakes, the favorite ones are undoubtedly the English Keke – a cake prepared with dried fruit – followed by the classic bridal cake and chocolate cake. The naked cake or naked cake, are also gaining more and more prominence in vintage wedding decoration.

On the other hand, in addition to the flavor, the marriage cakes can carry different fillings, among which we find strawberries, raspberries, dulce de leche, wine, chocolate, almonds, coconut, white chocolate, cream of oreo, cream cheese, and already a favorite frosting, a kind of cream based on Philadelphia type cheese and cream of milk. The fillings in the wedding cakes are not only important for the flavor they provide, also because their different colors are striking when it comes to cutting.

Marriage cakes designs and modelsmarriage cakes

Among the models of cakes for marriage, the most common are the round ones, but nowadays we can observe an endless number of models such as square, rectangular, heart, star cakes, among others. We will also find a variety of designs from classic to asymmetrical with fun and original structures for couples with a lot of personalities. As for the cover, the marriage cakes in elastic mass is still the standard bearer because, being a compact mass, allows a better handling and variety of work with it.

Marriage cakes toppersMarriage cakes

As for the cake dolls, there are those who still prefer the classic where the bride and groom appear together and stand. Nowadays, the variety of models offered by different suppliers is incredible. We find dolls with characters from drawings or movies, there are thematic ones, some funny and funny, among others. There are those who replace the doll with a poster with a special message, flowers or some other design. In general, there are many options to choose according to the type of wedding you plan to make.

To choose the civil marriage cakes there is no rule or formula whatsoever, just as there is not for the wedding dress. The really important thing is that your future husband and you, enjoy and feel at ease with the design and taste they choose. You have many options to choose between the classic and the new trends of marriage cakes 2018. Innovate in flavors, risk, visit your nearest supplier, ask him any doubts you have in mind and allow yourself to explore the various options, keep in mind the guidelines of the professional, of course without leaving aside the tastes, preferences, and personalities of your partner and you.

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