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Leaf Peeping

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Some pumpkin pies and apple treats might add up to the reasons why one should love Fall but Leaf Peeping remains one of the prominent elements that makes everything look so magical in Autumn. But wait, what is Leaf Peeping in the first place?

Well, Leaf Peeping is when people travel to view scenic fall foliage in specific locations where leaves change colours. For many decades now, travelling to explore the golden and ember colours around the UK has remained an interest. Most of the time, people would travel to northern New England but for those who cannot access it, there are tons of alternative places for Leaf Peeping.

Did you know that there is even a term used for an organised excursion of leaf peeping? It’s known as foliage tour. Anyways, how about having a peek at the areas where you can enjoy gorgeous leaf peeping sessions?


In the Czech Republic, one of the most attractive cities of Europe goes all golden for Autumn. In fact, Prague benefits from the most tourist visits in Autumn than in any other seasons. Petrin Hill and Letna Park are amongst the top places to view orange-coloured trees and their exquisite foliage. With a touch of music, culture and wine, Prague emerges to amplify the fun of Autumn at any time. A side trip to Karlsteijn Castle where phenomenal coloured hillsides can be seen is also a treat to the sight.

Kyoto Temples

Okay so, it is no mystery that Japan is well known for its cherry blossoms shows but that only goes for a week. Autumn foliage is a second to none spectacle in Japan that expands to nearly two months. With the radiant colours emerging from the hillsides of Kyoto at the beginning of Autumn, it is not long for the flaming colours to reach the temple gardens. Red maple trees and their stunning colours line the premises of Tofuku-Ji, Kodai-Ji and Eikando gardens. Want to find somewhere to lay eyes on in the evening? The Kiyomizu-Dera Temple promises an evening illumination with the colours reflecting on the natural ponds. Awesome, right?


No more sheep grazings in Autumn. That area swaps from a farmstead to an incredible, honey coloured entourage. The English Countryside would have been incomplete without such a terrific view. To top it all off, the location brings some season mists and mellow fruitfulness. Oh dear, imagine that you are walking amongst those foliages, relishing a freshly baked pumpkin pie while having the soothing rustles of leaves and crackling of branches! A total relaxation process is in session here! Usually, tourists and visitors head to the Cotswolds Nature Reserve or the Blenheim Palace where the landscape is always a great show.

Moselle Valley

A steep-sided valley with traditional villages and castles… what could make that best? Obviously, a touch of Autumn turning that picturesque greenery to warm and cosy shades of orange. The Moselle Valley is mostly recognised for its vineyards since the area forms part of the oldest wine regions. In autumn, it brings along some sensational views perfect for Leaf peeping. To grace the season more, a grandiose wine festival erupts through September. While visitors would pop up to the fiesta to have a glass of freshly brewed wine, they wouldn’t dare to miss on the beautiful yellowed trees embraced by the evening lights.

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