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How to wear a latest Bomber jacket

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Latest Bomber jacket has come back and with more strength than ever, overflowing style and creativity, and that is why we are going to devote this article to propose garments that combine perfectly with these exclusive and modern winter jackets. Do not miss it and write it down well, because here we leave you some economic and simple ideas to combine your bombers with the greatest possible glamor.

Latest bomber jacket returns every so often, whether for male or female looks since it has become a garment that has crossed the borders of the fashion world and we have seen it on the most famous catwalks in the world. The truth is that this jacket is mainly male, but we do not get tired of seeing women wearing them and the big fashion brands reinventing them for chic and feminine styles. Now we are going to focus on how this garment should be combined with the masculine style. Read more HISTORY AND NEWS OF THE BOMBER JACKET

Latest Bomber jacket: How to combine itLatest Bomber jacket

The latest bomber jacket is an almost basic garment that cannot be missing in the men’s wardrobe since it will take you out of many fashion problems, since it can be combined with many different styles, but they have in common the casual and carefree style.

High waist jeansLatest Bomber jackets

In the same way as the latest Bombers jacket, the retro in other garments has returned. Nothing is better with a Bomber than high-waist jeans, above the navel and combined with a short top or lace and transparencies. This look, combined with a daring and carefree hair, like a high-slung bun, will make you feel like a fashion diva; a retro diva.

Leather LeggingsLatest Bomber jackets

For the fiercest and most daring, the latest Bombers jacket look fantastic with smooth black leggings or with some shiny zippers where the front pockets of pants should go. This look, along with a soft makeup and long, flowing hair, very natural, will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable and safe, within the great retro sling that is shaking the world of fashion this fall-winter.

Tube skirtslatest Bomber jacket

Another indispensable, economic and basic garment that you can find in any store is the magnificent tube skirts. They are great combined with a latest Bombers jacket, and gives a sophisticated and feminine touch, retro though fine. This look, combined with earth eye shadows, purple lipsticks, and black glass socks will be the most trending. Pure trend

T-shirtslatest Bomber jacket

of course, if you’re going to put on the latest bomber jacket, you should run away from the shirts, since this jacket feels better with shirts or maybe with polos, if we talk about the more formal models, but with a basic shirt or with some stamping or design, it is how best to feel this type garment.

Brilliant footwearlatest Bomber jacket

Of course, we can not forget in this short list the velvety or shiny footwear. The designers have gone around the platforms and now they are wearing high-heeled, high-heeled heels combined with a retro fabric like velvety or bright colors. This trend is retro and avant-garde and is perfect to combine with a smooth Bomber or with hand-sewn designs and patches no enters.

Chinese pantslatest Bomber jacket

Although this model of pants is a bit more dressy than jeans, can be combined with the Harrington jacket, getting a classic look, formal and with the ideal style for tomorrow’s events, where no label is required. Continue reading Leather jacket: Garments with history


These are the four ideas that we give you. We hope you liked it, that you have written down and that you do not forget them when you go shopping. If you are a fashion lover and you feel melancholic in the eighties and nineties, you can not miss this opportunity, because we are exactly in the most retro season for many years. It seems that the latest bomber jacket does not go out of fashion and every so often it comes back stomping. Now we are in one of those seasons, so you know, choose the model you choose, you have to have a bomber in your closet. So you can not miss the latest bomber jacket in your closet! This style of coat, which was fashionable in spring with a diversity of fabrics and designs, is reinvented for the new cold. In this autumn season, you can find them in a wide range of colors, textures and also come well sheltered for the cold.

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