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8 labor rights that every young Argentine must know

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Before making the decision to accept a job it is important that you discover what are the 8 labor rights that every young person must know. Enter the labor market involves various rights and obligations. Many times because they do not know them,  young people accept to work in informality under conditions that harm them. That is why Universia Argentina interviewed specialists to find out which are the 8 labor rights that every young Argentine citizen should know.

Labor rights: Labor Daylabor rights

The Constitution of Argentina establishes a series of rights of workers, among which details the right to dignified and equitable working conditions, to rest and paid vacations, to receive a salary, to the free and democratic union organization, and to fulfill a day limited work, among others. The legal work schedule is eight hours a day and forty-eight hours a week. Read more: The 10 most popular programming languages today

Labor rights: Salary and bonuslabor rights

According to the Labor Law Profile of Argentina, prepared by the United Nations, every worker who is over 18 years old has the right to receive a remuneration that cannot be less than the minimum wage established. In turn, that minimum wage can be increased through business agreements or through the individual employment contract. In addition, each worker has the right to receive a bonus equivalent to one month of remuneration, called aguinaldo. The payment is made every year in two installments that are received together with the salaries of June and December.

Labor rights: Social coveragelabor rights

According to data from a recent report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) entitled  Formalizing youth informality: Innovative experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Argentina only 10% of informal salaried young people have health coverage. That is why it is important for young people to know that in any job they accept to work they must have the right to health coverage, which gives them the guarantee to cover any kind of expenses that a work accident involves, for example.

In case you suffer an injury or illness caused by doing your job, the company must take charge of the medical treatment and the medicines necessary for your rehabilitation. If for that illness or accident you can not go to work, depending on your seniority you are entitled to receive your salary for at least three months.

Labor rights: Pension contributionslabor rights

When asked Andrés Franzanti, a young worker from Argentina of the Toyota company explained that it is important that young people know their right to have retirement contributions because “it gives predictability for when they are older and have less chance to work and to develop in a job. Retirement is going to make tomorrow, age, have been to back without having to expose your body and resort to informal jobs ”

Labor rights: Paid License (Holidays)labor rights

According to the United Nations, once the worker has completed a minimum of 6 months in his place of work, he has the right to take paid vacations. To know how many days corresponds to him, the worker has to take into account how long he works in the company, that is, his seniority there. The important thing is that you have provided services, at least, during half of the working days in the calendar year.

For example, if you work less than 5 years ago, you will have 14 consecutive days. If you have between 5 and 10 years worked, you can order 21 calendar days. In turn, if you work for 10 or even 20 years, you will have 28 consecutive days, and finally, if you are more than 20 years old, you will have to give 35 days of rest.

Labor rights: Licence for Maternitylabor rights

If you are a young woman or you have a partner you will be interested to know the following. When a woman becomes pregnant, her work is automatically forbidden during the 45 days prior to the birth and up to 45 days after the birth explains the official page of the Argentine government. But you have the option of requesting a reduction of your pre-natal leave (although it can not be less than 30 days) to have more leave and rest time once the baby is born. In turn, they can not dismiss a woman during her pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding, she has the right to take two breaks of 30 minutes per day to breastfeed the baby.

Labor rights: Education and traininglabor rights

According to Marino Vani of IndustriALL Global Union, it is important that young people know that they have the right to receive education and training within the company in which they work. This is because it is important that they are always being qualified and updated at the level of professional knowledge, in order to accompany the needs of the labor market. In turn, Vani believes that it is important that they worry about training not only within the company but also outside.

Labor rights: Trade union representationlabor rights

Another right that young workers have to take into account, is the possibility of having union representation within the company they work for. As workers, they have to be able to have the option to ask for it because it allows workers to negotiate collective contracts where they establish working conditions. Continue reading 10 programs to create the best presentations


According to Law 23351, all workers have the labor rights to create and associate with the unions they prefer or to leave it later if they wish or not to associate director. In turn, within the unions can resort to collective bargaining and collective bargaining agreements to negotiate with the employer or employers aspects of wages and other working conditions.



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