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We know the warmest music video of this spring. It is “Melting” by Nico Cartosio.

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A new work by the most extraordinary composer of modern times has charmed music connoisseurs all over the world. This track has melted millions of hearts becoming one of the most frequently listened compositions.

Nico Cartosio became a composer who has dramatically changed common understanding of classic music. He is able to play both the real piano and the strings of humans’ hearts.

This spring the composer is going to introduce his first album to the world. It will consist of compositions already adored by many people. They are: “Snow Above the Earth”, “Cocaine March” and “Christmas on the Moon”, videos of which have been already watched by more than 9 million people.

Is a stratospheric success for a composer who became popular among music lovers worldwide in just a year. His compositions have been disseminated by dozens of media sources, became a part of TOP-200 AppleMusic UK and the track “Christmas on the Moon” was even nominated for Berlin Music Video Awards.

“Melting” became a real break-through for Nico Cartosio, revealing a new side of his talent. This composition shows his tender and romantic nature. The single was called this spring’s warmest music video, bringing the composer more than 5 million views on YouTube.


On April, the 17th the world will see a debut album of a talented composer. Nico Cartosio worked on it on the famous “Abbey Road” studio. It was here where such stars as Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, “The Beatles”, Pink Floyd used to record their songs. So, without any doubt, the album will be a fantastic one!

In addition to this, the composer worked on it in cooperation with the best musicians of a London symphonic orchestra.  It’s their music that you can hear in popular films like “Harry Potter”, “Dr. Strange”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and others.

The album “Melting” got its name for a reason. It consists of eight amazing compositions which symbolize a journey of a soul through eight hells. And this soul can break free only by disposing of its ego and giving a way to love and beauty.

Pre-order is already available now in three formats: digital, CD or vinyl!

You can watch this spring’s warmest composition here:
NICO CARTOSIO – MELTING (Official Music Video)

Stay tuned with the composer’s latest life news:

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