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Your kitchen decor about 5 ideas

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When we talk about how to improve our kitchen decor, we almost always think only about the functional. And although it is clearly the most important issue, we must also consider the design and style. Many do not know that kitchens can also-and should-be decorated, even a little. Whether you have a large enclosed kitchen or a small kitchenette, with some details, any space can look much better, and without making big changes. kitchen decor

It could well be 5 ideas to kitchen decor, but I wanted to put it in the singular sense, considering that most kitchen walls are usually occupied with cupboards, it is at best a free wall; but if in your case you have more than one empty wall that you want to decorate, any of these ideas that we are going to see below will serve you, whether for a wall, two or all. So, let’s start with these 5 great ideas to the kitchen decor. Read more 5 tips to decorate your house for the first time.

A little paint everything fixes itkitchen decor

If you want to completely change the look of your kitchen decor without spending too much, an excellent option is to paint. Dare to paint your old white or gray furniture (which is the latest trend). A simple painting can bring your kitchen decor to the present.

Leave things in sightkitchen decor

On the internet, you can find hundreds of pictures of kitchen decor with open shelves, where everything is completely in sight. From the glasses to the plates. And although it is a nice idea, in general, it is very impractical (not all of us are so ordered, and things get dirty faster …). The good thing is that you can achieve the look much easier.

Put a couple of shelves in some space that you are not using (or you can also replace some of your furniture with open shelves) and leave your most beautiful accessories there. That will make the kitchen decor look more spacious and bright.

The tables are used for the kitchen decor kitchen decor

As you read. The wooden or marble tables, which are used for cooking, are perfect for decorating the kitchen. You can put them on the dashboard, or put several in a box.

Remember the lighting in the kitchen decorkitchen decor

Many times we leave the lighting aside and we go for the most functional, but it is time to dare. You can choose from a lamp of tears to some glass spheres … Everything will depend on your style. Lighting is always one of the most key elements of a good kitchen decor.

And the final touch: a little color of the kitchen decorkitchen decor

You can put a couple of plants on the shelves, or some sources with fresh fruits. The color always serves to give a more entertaining look to any space, and if you have followed our decorating tips for the kitchen, in a space painted white are the perfect accessory.

Large or small kitchens always deserve special attention for their decoration. The careful selection of coatings, furniture and the distribution of space will be the key to achieving a modern and functional kitchen. However, it is the small details that can change the atmosphere of your kitchen, at present, there are no rules for style and you can opt for a mix of trends in a modern style.

The most practical part of an open kitchen decor is, being able to be doing culinary works and at the same time sharing conversations, movies, meetings of friends … who are in other rooms. There is a widespread opinion about whether it is a practical option or not, due to the odors that can be generated and quickly permeate the entire floor. This is a very generalized problem, worse I will solve it very quickly. The problem is not that there is a partition or not, but in the presence of a good extractor hood, because if you get an excellent extraction of smoke there is no problem of odors.

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