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The innovative idea for your wedding banquet: what is the ideal for you?

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Do you know the innovative idea for your wedding banquet? How many wedding banquets have you encountered throughout your life? Maybe you get the dream if you tell yourself … This time we bring you news, some based on an innovative idea, but victims of a turn of the screw in this selection.innovative idea

Taking into account the increase in the desire to taste and the gastronomic tolerance of people with the passage of time – there is always some lag, but you can not have everything in this life – maybe it’s time to take a risk in culinary matters. Do you want to know the latest of the latest? Keep reading.

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Catering healthy an innovative ideainnovative idea

In these times, it is increasingly complicated to eat a hamburger or a ribeye and not feel the murderous look of someone you know. Because what is healthy is fashionable and it would be better if it went from fashion to custom, although from time to time we indulge ourselves.

Therefore, if you follow this philosophy of life, why leave it aside on your big day? Strip green and organic products and unleash your animalistic and healthy spirit, not only protects animals but also eliminates harmful substances. Take advantage of vegetables, fruits, cereals, soy products and meat substitutes. There are many known foods that, having a meat base, can substitute for vegetarian variants of very similar flavors.

The problem with all this is that not all your guests follow this way of living and do not find your banquet too appetizing. For this, the ideal is to seek balance and find alternatives without dynamiting your principles. Try to have everything so that your philosophy does not change because of others, but do not close yourself in a band and force your assistants to do something they do not want. Surely you get a perfect healthy menu for everyone.

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Oriental catering an innovative ideainnovative idea

We know that you are used to finding sushi and other Asian delicacies at weddings of your acquaintances, but this time we are talking about a 100% oriental catering, without fissures. They include wonders of all kinds, that is, spring rolls, wok, yakisoba noodles, tataki, edamame, gyozas, tempura …

To make the best menu, you can focus on a country and unravel its best products. You can also expand the range of delicacies and include delicacies from various territories. Japanese and Chinese food is famous, but Thai is also a safe value and Vietnamese is said to be the best in Southeast Asia. But there are many more: Indonesian, Korean … And you’re sure to find a thousand more surprises -Asian food will always be open to it.

Very cool fast food -and other American contributions-innovative idea

There are a million prejudices -perhaps some more- about fast food, but the problem of its bad image is the association with restaurant chains that have made so many doubts about hygiene and health. Because, in fact, fast food can be very healthy if certain standards are respected. And, of course, delicious!

Anyway, for your wedding, it is also possible to pull out this sample of products that are easy to eat, usually, carry sauces and stand out for serving between one or two pieces of bread -or similar-. And to these pieces of American essence, served in miniature to fatten the spectrum of good taste, you can also accompany other more forceful as ribs and various types of meat subject to tastings. Also, chips to complement and refreshments, all arranged in long tables to encourage the spirit of food trucks typical of American fairs and festivals. An innovative idea in every rule!

Unexpected desserts an innovation  ideainnovative idea

We are very used to cakes of all kinds and continue to love us thanks to its charm and variety. And we do not want them to decay! In fact, in 2018 there will be another step forward in the sector of the pies and will bet on the so-called canvas tarts, where the protagonist will be the surface of the cake.

But we also look for accessories that you may know – cupcakes, macarons – or, without being unknown, you have never seen at a wedding – donuts, for example! -. Because, do not be fooled: in a wedding, almost everything is worth as long as you do not forget the ground you walk on. If the good taste, the beautiful presentations, and the originality accompany the gastronomy, perhaps you organize a more sophisticated evening than the one that presumes of tradition.

To top it off, it hosts the exoticism of some oriental countries and places different positions with Arab desserts, very famous for their delicate and sweet compositions, with honey and puff pastry as star elements.




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