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5 examples of inequality between men and women

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How many women do you know who dedicate part of their leisure time to household chores? Does a woman who has taken a break from work to take care of her children come to mind? These situations that we see constantly in our daily life are just two examples of inequality between men and women, which not only extend to the workplace and domestic, but to many other areas. Know them!

A woman able to perform a job does not always receive the same treatment as a man, and not part of the same conditions in education or conciliation, which can be considered gender inequality. Today we want to talk about 5 examples of inequality between men and women that you surely recognize and for which we should try to find a solution

Inequality between men and women: example#1Inequality between men and women

University women account for 54.1% of the total and their performance in undergraduate and master’s degrees exceeds the male by ten percentage points. In addition, 61.1% of thesis readers under 34 years of age correspond to the male gender. Even so, only 16.8% of the total number of female professors are women, a very low figure compared to the prevalence of quality female students in our country.

Inequality between men and women: example#2Inequality between men and women

The average annual salary of a woman is 22% lower than that of a man, a good example of gender inequality. In addition, 15.2% receive the minimum wage or less, 5.6% in the case of men. In the case of pensions, the difference is also significant. A pensioner receives an average of 597.21 dollars per month, while the male equivalent charges around 971.92doiiars. Read more: The 3 keys to good persuasion: How to convince others?

Inequality between men and women: example#3Inequality between men and women

Concerning reconciliation issues, gender inequality is also seen. 82.2% of the unemployed who choose this situation to take care of children under 14 are women. In the case that they only decide to make a cut in the working day, 97.3% of those employed part-time for these reasons are women. In addition, the figures for workers who have stopped working for a period of more than a year due to the birth of a child are also illuminating: in the case of men, the percentage is 7.4%, while the of women is 38.2%.

Inequality between men and women: example#4Inequality between men and women

Household tasks are also distributed unevenly. In general, women dedicate an average of 4 hours and 29 minutes to set up their house, while men only average 2 hours and 32 minutes. In addition, the risk of poverty rate is also higher in the female population, 21.3% compared to 20.1% of men.

Inequality between men and women: example#5Inequality between men and women

Also in politics, we can see the inequality between both genders. Of the thirteen government ministers, only four are women. In addition, the presidents of Congress and the Senate are all males. In the case of the autonomous presidents, of the 19 (17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities), only four are women. Continue reading How to stop taking things personally: about six things


To exercise the same rights, in addition to legal recognition, they must have the same real opportunities in society. It is important that girls and boys, inequality between men and women are aware of these situations, denounce them and fight against them when it is in our hands. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go.

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