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6 drills ideal for the handiest of the house Drills

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The weekend arrives and with it, many of you will take to walk your toolbox to make some other fudge at home. And the little hands know that the greatest pleasure of the weekend is to spend some time with their tools in hand: screwdrivers, hammers, saws and, of course, house drills. The great classic of DIY enthusiasts!.house drills

In Showcase, we want to show you some of the best house drills that you can incorporate into your arsenal. There are all prices and sizes, ideal to cover any need. So take a look at our selection and see if you can only opt for one …

Einhell TC-ID 650 E a house drills house drills

The impact drill Einhell TC-ID 650 E is a powerful tool capable of performing the most demanding drilling work at home or in the workshop. The electronic control of speed regulation allows an exact adjustment to perform the drilling and screwdriving work in a precise way. In addition, its adjustable metal stop allows you to set the depth at the time of drilling for a more stable and accurate work, and its chuck allows a quick change of drill bit without tools. It offers a perforation capacity of thirteen millimeters in cement, ten millimeters in steel and twenty-five millimeters in wood. Read more: 10 tips to improve your home

Black & Decker BDCHD18KB-QW a house drillshouse drills

The Black & Decker BDCHD18KB-QW is one of those essential house drills in the realization of your DIY projects. Equipped with the power and speed necessary to perform the tasks of drilling in materials such as wood, metal, and plastic; while the high-performance functions facilitate the work in concrete and masonry. It is compact and lightweight for low fatigue work, even in long operating time. It has ten positions of even force and two variable speeds, which provide the necessary performance for high precision drilling and screwing. It includes two 18V 1.5Ah batteries, a 1A charger, and its case.

Makita HP457DWE a house drillshouse drills

The hammer drill Makita HP457DWE is ideal for working in hard to reach places. Extremely short, its size is only 221 millimeters long. It has metallic gears for a perfect transmission of strength and greater durability. Its ergonomic design with anti-slip handle allows perfect control of the tool and greater comfort. It offers sixteen positions of tightening torque and a direct, self-locking chuck for a simple change of the tool with one hand and a battery considerably smaller compared to the size of others. In addition, it is one of those house drills with reduced weight, which makes it a very comfortable device for long days of work. Read more:Remodeling  kitchen design about 8 tricks

Bosch PSB 530 RE a house drillshouse drills

The Bosch PSB 530 RE hammer drill is small and powerful. It has a compact design with anti-vibration Softgrip handle, a reduced weight of just over a kilo and a half and an exceptional manageability that guarantee great comfort to the user and maximum performance in any application. Thanks to its powerful 530-watt motor and its 10-millimeter drilling diameter in masonry, it makes it possible to perform even the heaviest jobs with ease. It is easy to operate thanks to the electronic control of the Bosch speed.The ‘acceleration’ from zero to the maximum with the switch push button allows you to work precisely, for example, at the beginning of the drilling of smooth surfaces or in screw jobs. And it allows a great working comfort thanks to the integrated switch for continuous operation. In addition, this house drill has a toothed crown chuck for a safe and easy drill change. A connection for dust extraction is also available. A simple option allows you to adjust the revolutions according to the type of material in which you are going to work. The new cable guide with hanging device allows a simple storage and without taking up much space.

Trotec PSCS 10 a house drillshouse drills

The Trotec PSCS 10 Drill is a high-quality tool specially designed for demanding to screw and drilling jobs around the home, workshop and garden. It is equipped with a Quickstop inertia brake, as well as a connection block, which prevents an involuntary activation for maximum security. Its large capacity 20V lithium-ion battery has no memory effect or automatic discharge. It has a powerful engine with two-speed transmission, 25 tightening torque settings plus a position for drilling, chuck quick clamping with automatic spindle lock, integrated LED light for work and the quick charger. Its casing is covered in rubber for a non-slip grip and an extraordinarily firm grip. The house drills allow a comfortable change of direction of rotation to the right or left and connection block, in addition to incorporating a battery charge indicator in three levels.

Argon Power Tools 46234 a house drillshouse drills

The hammer drill Argon Power Tools 46234 offers great power and strength. With an innovative design, it includes an ergonomic rubber handle designed for a better grip. Lightweight and high power motor up to 1500 rpm, has an anti-cheating system, a front LED light to illuminate your work area and a lithium battery of 1, ‘5 Ah fast charge in sixty minutes. It offers even adjustment positions and two working directions, in addition to a quick change chuck. This house drills have maximum drilling capacity is 26 millimeters in wood, 10 millimeters in metal and 10 millimeters in concrete. The kit includes a plastic case and various accessories.

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