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Some homemade tricks to clean the bongs

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If you do not want to spend your money on a cleaner, you can always resort to some homemade tricks that will help you improve the appearance of your bong, clean it and make better use of the flavor of your marijuana. As is logical, keep in mind that these methods will not clean your bongs in the same way as a cleaner, since it is a product specially designed for it. But, in any case, it is better than nothing.

Hot water

As we explained in the ‘professional’ method, you can use hot water to clean your bong. Simply heat the water in a pot (without it boiling) and introduce the bong into it for a long time. Between 30 minutes and 1 hour is enough. If you notice that the water cools, try adding some hotter. This will help make all the dirt that your bong has inside soften. Subsequently, use a brush that you find at home to better clean the inside. An old toothbrush can serve perfectly. When you have finished, fill your bong, again with hot water, as if you were going to use it to smoke. You can also add some salt. Cover the holes and start shaking your bong hard for a couple of minutes. It may not be perfect.

Lemon juice

The lemon juice is acidic and will help to remove the resin and dirt that accumulates inside your bong or pipe. In addition, it will also greatly improve your smell. To carry out this method, you simply have to fill your bong with lemon juice. Wait a while for the acid to make its effect, and then begin to shake the bong as we have done in the previous methods. When you have finished, empty the bong and use a brush to clean your interior much better. Finally, you will also have to add hot water to rinse the bong and remove any remaining lemon juice.

For the bowl

To clean the bowl in which you place the marijuana, you can simply follow the same steps that we have carried out in the ‘professional’ method. Heat it with a lighter and use any object you have at home to scratch it: a pair of tweezers, a knife, a tip … In this way you will eliminate all the resin and any dry ash residue. You can help with hot water and lemon juice to rinse and clean the piece. You can also use any cleaning product, such as Fairy, which will also help to soften the resin.

That’s it, we hope that the guide and all these tips have helped you to know how to clean your bong. We already know that it is a pain in the ass, but remember that, if you keep it clean, the bong or pipe will last much longer. In addition, you will ensure that it always looks perfect, bright as the first day, and that it does not have a strange or annoying smell. Finally, it will allow you to always enjoy a spectacular and much more natural taste of marijuana, which is a reason important enough to devote a few minutes to cleaning our accessories. Good smoke and see you in the next post.

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