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Gym supplements: What to take?

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Protein powders and other gym supplements were a little time ago a niche product, reserved for the lifts of weight lifters and body builders. Now no longer. Today the benefits of protein supplements are widely recognized and the sports supplement industry has grown. Today there is a wide choice of gym supplements and you can buy excellent quality products, such as snacks, protein powders but also vegan proteins and bosspeptides supplementary, online with shipping at home and low costs. Save on supplements and simple, but you need to know what to take, how and when to take the product.

Gym supplements

What gym supplements do you take?

The protein is a ‘macronutrient’, which means that the body requires large amounts in a balanced diet. Once absorbed by the body through digestion, the protein is broken down into various amino acids which are then incorporated into new proteins to help make cells functional and functional for muscle building or other body functions.

For a gym goer, it is essential after exercise to help the muscles and have the right recovery.

With sports aimed at the massive growth of muscles, Protein consumption increases and gym supplements are everywhere. The amount of choice is huge but let’s see together what supplements to buy and take.

Most used gym supplements

Whey protein shakes are the most common. Let’s talk about the protein powder with which to make smoothies. Most are whey based, a by-product of cheese production.

Powdered proteins of this type are subdivided into 3 sub-categories, each of which has its pros and cons. Concentrated gym supplements are the cheapest option. They mix with water to create comfortable smoothies to drink and they taste good.

Vegan gym supplements

There are so many advantages to choosing vegan protein supplements even if you are not even close to being vegetarian. The important thing is that they give the right contribution of this molecule that is needed. They are then antioxidants and help the immune system.

Vegetable protein-based sports supplements are also less problematic for the intestines and many athletes including bodybuilders and boxers use them.

Training and supplements

There is no magic recipe for the amount of protein you should take each day. Remember that Boss peptides doses depend on your diet, lifestyle and level of exercise you do. There are general guidelines and suggestions to keep in mind, but if you are not an expert ask for information in the gym or a nutritionist.

The guidelines say that for a healthy diet it is suggested that men aged 19 to 64 should ingest 55.5 g of protein a day, after the age of 65 the amount drops to 53.3 g a day. Increasing your protein intake is never recommended and should always be balanced and combined with your workout routine, your weight and exercise level.

You must then choose the gym supplements based on your goal:

  • I want to lose weight?
  • Do I want to improve muscle tone?
  • Do I want to improve endurance?
  • Do I want to increase muscle tone?

After answering these questions you will know which gym supplements to take.

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