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Five of the best brands of groom suits

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Achieve new goals with bold men’s groom suits. the best brand offers everything you need, always taking care of the maximum exquisiteness and quality in tailoring.

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Alexander McQueen of groom suitsgroom suits

How to be indifferent to Sarah Burton’s work? This is a challenge, which for true fashion lovers, is almost impossible to achieve. The designer has been in command of the Alexander McQueen firm since the unforgettable designer lost his life. The favorite butterflies of the original visionary have been kept in almost every collection and, without exception, the tribute to the artist is reflected in each proposal introduced. For the men’s collections, Burton chooses this detail and plays with the butterfly patterns to create the tuxedos and wedding dresses that, without a doubt, will fascinate from the moment the groom is seen standing next to the altar. Colors, textures and that mysterious charm, continue to be reflected in each look designed for the signature. Discover more knowing the proposals of this season, here.

Brioni of groom suitsgroom suits

Probably, of all brands, this is one that focuses more on the tailoring service and the delivery of suits in the sartorial style. The details that each set handles are based on the most impeccable side of man and the absolute sobriety of a classic design. The firm Brioni handles the range of monochromatic contrasts and has remained under this legacy for several years. With these moments that the brand stands out, the audience continues to look for these techniques to dress the contemporary groom. Do not miss more details of their latest collections, here

Fuentecapala of groom suitsgroom suits

European finishes and the work of a firm that has been charming the world of men’s fashion for more than 50 years. The tailoring of the Fuentecapala brand is inspired by the ideal suit for men and the options that always carry that “twist” of variation, according to the person’s flagship style. Although it is a series of designs that have a great history ahead, the element of innovation applies in a very subtle way to the presentation of each new proposal. Go ahead and see and discover more details, here.

Etro of groom suitsgroom suits

Play with the patterns, colors and classic layering style. This is part of the vision of the firm Etro as soon as it comes to create any garment for the firm. The style stays true as soon as it comes to create its collections for men and a touch of personalization applies when it comes time to design and manufacture the suit of the groom. Whether it is the use of traditional textiles or a different twist such as heavier cotton or silk in some details, the signature is launched for the theme of innovation and freshness for men. Discover more of this proposal, here.

 Ralph Lauren of groom suitsgroom suits

Maybe his style is always “American”, but Ralph Lauren always takes a risky look if he tries to fascinate the audience once again. After all, it is something that has been doing since the sixties and has not stopped working since then. For male lines and the creation of the groom suit, the firm opts for classic prints with modern cuts, dark bow ties, and the unique white shirt to complement the complete set. Play with more options and discover more combinations by visiting their official website, here.

Finally, the woman has always stood out more in style than the man, both in weddings and other types of ceremonies, the attention always falls on the woman. But this trend is changing over the years, as men are becoming more coquettish and more aware that a good one can be very important. But some of the more expensive groom suits can more than a car even a boat.


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