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Five tips to be a good student

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If you are a good student so long-term memory is what allows you to save an exam but it requires a process that involves getting completely involved with the material. You will only remember what you strived to retain, especially if you understand and are able to apply it in real life contexts. Motivation and interest are fundamental in this process, but as both factors depend on you, our grain of sand to help you is to provide advice to prepare the ground before studying and then provide techniques to memorize.

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A good student to be intelligencegood student

There are very intelligent people who just need to study, as well as others for whom – it seems – that studying is not theirs. But the normal thing is to have an average intelligence and the good results are obtained with an adequate motivation that facilitates the effort that supposes to study. Think about the reasons you have to study. The more valuable, the better. Without the will to study, there is nothing to do … and the reasons you have to study are decisive.

I have no willgood student

It is something that happens to many people and that has to do with the changes that occur in adolescence. There are many other things that are more fun. But you are playing the future … in a few years, you decide what you will be the rest of your life …There is a good student who has repeated course with good grades … They have changed, they have a reason. Just as you have it to hear music, play sports, go with friends … you must have it, to study. And that motive has to come out of you. Prizes and punishments can be effective, but in the long run, they are not decisive. If you have the will, but you have to exercise it

 Study techniques for a good studentgood student

You have heard or said of you: “this boy does not know how to study”. There are ways to learn to do it, many books, web pages, the help of a teacher, your parents. But deep down, everything is common sense. To study you learn by studying and you will see which systems work best for you. If you want to learn something else, read on.

The most basicgood student

You need a quiet place of study for a good student, where everything is at hand, with a comfortable chair and enough light. And no music, no TV. Do not kid yourself, with music you can not study: you can draw, copy …, but not memorize or concentrate. Do not get up every moment …, keep sitting for at least 45 minutes. Then rest 5-10 ‘and … continue. And also a schedule. It does not have to be rigid, it has to be flexible but the normal thing in the secondary is that you spend between half an hour and an hour to do the tasks and three quarters or one hour to study. In between Monday and Friday you have not obtained 10-12 hours of study, the weekend has to be recovered. And something else in exam time. Leave, if you can, for the weekend the tasks that take you more time: A drawing sheet, a work for a subject.

It’s a pity that you spend your time pretending to study when your head is far away. Stop daydreaming. Take advantage of the time and then, you can do many other activities.

In class. The notes for a good studentgood student

It’s silly to waste time in class. If you take advantage of that time, you’ll have a lot of advances. If, for some reason, they leave you free time, study, advance task. The teacher may follow the book: in that case, he takes notes of what he says, of what he insists on. If you give notes, stay tuned and take note of everything you can, with common sense. Underline what he repeats, what he considers to be basic. In one way or another, then you will have to review what you have written – you do not have to pass it clean – but make the subject clear so that you understand it, now and within a few months. If you have missed class or have incomplete notes, request them from a classmate.

Finally, a good student is dedicated to studying, but for many, it is a part that does not just become clear to the neon lights of new friends and the extreme freedom of their new life. The good student must evaluate himself to know if he has achieved the objectives set according to Castillejo’s opinion. This does not only mean going to class: you must know the working groups of the departments, visit the library, go to talks talk about the study.

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