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Good education

Good education in children

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The child needs clear reference points for good education. For this, a stable system of norms is very important to help him predict and understand the environment in which he lives and the consequences of his behavior. Without these rules, the child is lost, does not know what to expect or how society works and, therefore, will not know how to adapt. The rules help you feel safe and create your own value system that will guide your life, giving it meaning.

Always put limits on good educationgood education

The limits teach the child to accept a “no” and to learn values such as respect and tolerance. They show you where you are, how far you can go and what you can or can not do. Based on this, he knows how to behave because he knows that acts have consequences. By knowing the consequences, you gain confidence, knowing the space where you move and the basic rules. Learn to respect yourself through close people who respect you and have them respect you. The well-established limits protect from low tolerance to frustration in the future, which is the cause of many ills in families. Currently, we focus on promoting independence, security, self-esteem, and autonomy in the smallest of the house, we consider them as precious values, well, the best way to get such beautiful attitudes begins by setting clear and healthy limits.

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Teach manners at the table for good educationgood education

From a certain age, the child can begin to collaborate in tasks such as placing plates, napkins or to perform simple and easy tasks, always adapted to the possibilities of each child. These simple tasks can be very fun and teach you collaborative routines.

Teach him behavior patterns or manners for good educationgood education

These always have to be in tune with the child’s age. A child less than a year and a half does not have the psychological maturity of another child of four years, so you can not demand the same. But, if we are setting the foundations from the time we are little, the older ones will be more secure.

Do not use shouting as a way to communicate for good educationgood education

It is common for children that, when they do not take the case they demand, they tend to raise their voice volume, reaching the undesirable scream. Teach him that the one who screams the most is not the one who has more reason, or who is given more attention, it is important. It is inevitable that when he is happy or excited he will do it, of course, this is perfectly understandable and even fun at birthday parties or children’s parties. On the other hand, when these cries become a habit, parents tend to get used to it and, what is worse, to adjust to its volume, so it becomes a very tired and ineffective type of communication. If we are in a situation where our little one is already accustomed to screaming, a trick to change the trend is that the higher he speaks the lower we will speak. If he tells us that he does not understand us, we can say that we do not understand him when he shouts, so there is no other way but to reach an agreement.

Do not let him interrupt, nor do you for good educationgood education

Teach him to wait for turns. Everyone when we want something we want it already, we ask it, we get frustrated with long queues in the super or in the pharmacy, for example. We would all love to sneak in and get the first ones, but it would not be fair to the rest of the people who are waiting in front of us. Sneaking into the tail of the super is the same as interrupting, an impulse that we must avoid in order not to step on the rights of others. It is about making him understand that he will have his turn if he lets us finish our conversation or our sentence.

Be strict with bedtime for good education good education

A routine as beautiful as it is time to go to sleep becomes a nightmare in some homes. The time of sleep should be a constant during the school year since rest makes the child grow properly, that does not fall into daytime exhaustion and squeeze every day with energy. The habit of resting and sleeping at a certain time is very good. Acquiring it at a young age is a way to protect ourselves and respect our life cycles. If we surround this habit of going to bed at a certain time of beautiful rituals it will cost less and in a loss of time, it will be he who asks to go to sleep. For this, some aspects to take into account are to carry out activities before going to sleep, not to give him before going to bed sugars and exciting substances and to carry out rituals that give notice of what comes next. A warm milk and brushing teeth can be a nice predictor of going to sleep, apart from a hygienic habit from the point of view of health.

Fosters respect for yourself and others  for good education good education

Just as “not hitting” is a phrase that is recognized worldwide and used, “not to be stuck” should be the same. Respect for others starts with respect for oneself.

Make it respect the normal roads  for good educationgood education

Surely many of us have been victims of the odd stomp and push of a child. Children run, their state is active and pretending otherwise would be absurd. However, the activity and the desire to move are not enemies of respecting certain road rules. Not only out of respect for the rest of the passers-by, but for their own safety. Teaching these rules protects you from a fall or other more serious shock such as car accidents.

Inculcate respect for the elderly  for good educationgood education

Consider the feelings and possibilities of others is the root of good education. We can explain to him that when we help others we feel good because gratitude is a great natural reinforcement. He will feel useful and wanted to offer help to someone who may not have the agility to pick up something that has fallen out. When he is helped, he will value more and will know how to thank. It is a chain that facilitates life in society.

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