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5 Tips to take care of your golf clubs

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If you are a golf lover, you will know for sure that a good game depends not only on the fitness of the golfer. It also depends on the practice, the knowledge of the golf course, its consistency in training but also the care you have for your golf clubs.

Therefore, today we review the importance of this last element as well as the basic care that you must seek to help you get a perfect game and are always ready for a game. We tell you everything below.


The importance of keeping golf clubs in good conditiongolf clubs

The main advantage that we obtain when cleaning our golf clubs is to improve the efficiency of our game, almost nothing! And is that if the clubs are not kept clean and in perfect condition, we can lose control of distance, strength and therefore, touch and hit. This means that without proper maintenance, your clubs will not be performing to the maximum and you will be wasting some of their potentials. In addition, if you do not take care of them properly, they can become irreversible and can even break.

On the contrary, if you keep the faces of your golf clubs clean, that is to say, the grooves, you will achieve that the blows to the balls are clean and accurate, without interferences of any kind, as well as lengthen the life of your material.

Tips to keep golf clubsgolf clubs

Now that you know the advantages of keeping your clubs in good condition, we tell you how to make them look perfect for your games or golf getaways.

Avoid watergolf clubs

Although playing golf with water is not an impediment, given the existence of materials, equipment, and protective elements, the care of golf clubs is even more important after playing with rain.

Therefore, after a game with rain, you have to remove all the material from the golf bag, although we have used a plastic bag. The water may have passed into the interior, for example, having changed stick, and is an element that deteriorates golf clubs quickly. Therefore, in addition to drying the handles, it is important to leave them in a place without humidity until they dry completely. In general, experts recommend leaving them around 24h. In this way, we will make sure to keep one of the main enemies of sticks, mold, at bay.

Protect the most fragile clubsgolf clubs

The protective covers will prevent the blows and other damages that we can cause to our clubs when we are not using them. The sudden transports, the falls, or even the rubbing with other sticks … All these small blows end up reducing the effectiveness of the stick. This especially harms the most fragile clubs such as wood. In short, if you want them to be conserved in the best possible way, the covers will be your allies.

Clean stretch marksgolf clubs

Stretch marks are, in general, one of the elements that can determine the development of the game. If they are not cleaned, your blows can lose much efficiency and it will cost you more to direct the ball just where you want it to go. Therefore, it is recommended that before starting the game, or the blow if you are changing clubs, you pass a handkerchief over the faces of your golf clubs. When finished, it is also important that you clean them thoroughly, removing any remaining grass that may remain.

To clean them well, you just have to take a container where the club head fits well. With a little warm water and detergent and after submerging them a few minutes, you will see how much of the dirt disappears. Subsequently, to clean the stretch marks, nothing like using a small brush with which to remove grass, gravel or other particles that may have been embedded. After rinsing with clean water, you can not forget to dry them correctly as we have seen, removing any moisture

Use specific bags for your golf clubsgolf clubs

On many occasions, we end up using bags that do not fully adapt to the characteristics of our golf clubs. If we avoid this error, and we use a specific bag for the characteristics of our clubs, we will improve their conditions and prevent them from deteriorating, because, fundamentally, they will be safe from small blows or frictions. On the other hand, the order within the golf bag is also very important. With a gesture as simple as sorting them, we can improve our game. Well to see them all ordered will be easier to choose the stick to use, to have them all in sight, your range of options would be complete.

Golf balls also need care!golf clubs

An essential complement to the golf clubs are the balls, therefore, we also dedicate a small section. And that is, clean balls fly farther and are more precise.

To clean the golf balls we need a container where we can introduce them without the problem. Then, let them soak for about an hour with a little detergent and warm water. With this, we let go of their dirt. Next, they are rubbed with a soft bristle brush or with a sponge to finish with the toughest stains that could not be removed with the detergent and water.

As an extra tip, golf balls can be put directly into the dishwasher using the most basic program. That way they will be clean and ready for the next game.

Now that you know all the care your golf clubs need, play! At the Finca Golf & Spa Resort, we have three golf courses in Alicante, three unique experiences that you will know much better if you enjoy them with clean and careful sticks. If you love this sport, do not think twice, we are waiting for you!

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