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How to go shopping

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Many people do not like to go shopping, but supposedly shopping should be fun. So if you do not like it, it’s probably because you’re not doing it right.

Steps 1.go shopping

Take enough money It is better that you make a budget. Ask your parents for money … about $ 200. Your parents probably will not agree at first, but tell them that is more or less what they normally spend when they take you shopping, and that it will be your absolute maximum, that you will be careful with what you buy, and that you will return them. Extra money. You can even tell them you will do extra homework and things to earn it. If they do not give you everything, ask your grandparents, then together with the rest for yourself. Save to go shopping.

Step.2go shopping

Wear the appropriate clothing. Do not wear tight jeans, use something that you can remove easily and quickly. Do not wear shoes that tie and that are complicated, it is better than you wear sandals, shoes to put, or shoes of heel if your feet do not hurt you. Wear your best bra, and it may be better to wear a strapless or one that can become strapless because maybe you will try on a blouse that you need. Wear a sleeveless shirt under your blouse why you might want to try on some blouse you need from this garment.

Step.3go shopping

Call your friends. Join a group of about 2 to 4 friends to go with you. If anyone can drive, you can ask them to pick them up. If you are only 12 to 15 years old ask your parents to take them and agree with your friends to get together somewhere (for example at 2:00 at the entrance).

Step.4go shopping

Before going shopping, think about whether there is something you really need a pair of jeans or some dresses. It is better than you write a list or write it down on your phone.


Also before going shopping, think about the stores you have to visit. Depending on where they will do their shopping and if these stores are available. For example, if you are going to a mall in many discount stores, maybe not all the stores you want to visit. You must have in mind which are the stores that you would like to visit you and your friends in the place where you will go shopping.


Visit new stores If while you are walking you see a store that looks good, enters. There are many stores that you may not have heard of in discount shopping malls, and most of them are good.


Enter the boutiques. Sometimes they have very nice things, even if it’s just coffee cups. These are the perfect places to find gifts.

Find out if there is a good restaurant. It’s also fun just to eat an ice cream.

Take a bag

Take many pictures. You can make your friends and you wear great glasses and can take pictures with funny faces. Sometimes it’s fun just to try things you do not even think about buying just to have fun.

Have fun. Forget everything and have fun with your friends. Come on, you’re in a place full of clothes that you can try, and you do not have your parents watching you: D


If you are under 12 to 13 years old you should not go shopping alone. If you do not want me to go to your mother, ask the coolest mother of all to go with you.

Always carry your cell phone. You really have to have a cell phone if you are alone with your friends, but if not, ask for one of your brothers or your parents. If you really cannot, make sure your friends have one and stay close to her all the time.

Never release your bags. Even if you only go to the other side of the store for a minute, someone could take them away. Take them with you. If you plan to go to the toilet, ask a friend to stop you. Take care of your bags as if you were taking care of $ 200

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