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Examples of gender inequality at work

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Gender inequality at work continues to be a reality in this year 2017.  Year after year, we receive and contemplate figures that confirm that there is still much to be done to ensure that women and men access, in equal conditions, the labor market.

10 data on gender inequality at work in Spain

This information will serve as an example to understand the extent of discrimination between men and women in the workplace or how it affects the presence of gender inequality in Spain, and so you can assess what aspects have to be changed in this regard:

Women work the most part-timegender inequality

These data, offered during the International Conference “Work and Health in Women”, organized by the Institute of European Trade Unions (ETUI) tell us about the great difference in this work regime between men and women from 15 to 64 years The data refer to the year of the study, 2018, and to different countries, among which is ours. According to the lecturers, this large difference can be based on the need to reconcile domestic activities, which are still considered the task of women, who socially have lower access to the labor market.

Differences between formal work and work in generalgender inequality

We continue with the data provided during this cycle of presentations, this time talking about the hours worked by the female gender. Although, as we have described in the previous point, women work fewer hours than men in the formal environment, they actually spend more hours on non-leisure tasks.  Thus, household chores also count as hours of work, even if they are not paid. In this sense, women perform many more hours than men, even if they are not paid.

Harassment at work, a more visible reality for women

This conference also talks about harassment at work for men and women. In the case of the male gender, this practice decreases the higher the level of studies of the worker, but this trend is not the same in the case of women, which in fact shoots up in the secondary and pre-university education groups. Thus, this is a determining factor in the labor relations of men but not in those of women. Let’s turn around this situation!

A large gap in activity between men and womengender inequality

According to data from the OECD, this gap is not so great in the first working years of both genders, but it becomes acuter at the moment in which the woman enters the stage of maternity. Thus, this gap exceeds 25% in Spain from 44 years, a figure higher than the European average, and the worst is that this organization does not foresee significant changes in the coming years, a rather hopeless conclusion.

Women lead unemployment in Spain

Gender inequality in Spain is visible in the workplace. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics in relation to the labor force survey relative to the fourth quarter of 2016, women are at the forefront of unemployment in our country. There are 2,142,700 unemployed women, with the unemployment rate in the female sector of 20.25%, and 2,095,100 men without work, with the unemployment rate being 17.22%.

Fewer women at the parliamentary level

The presence of women in the parliamentary environment has increased in recent decades, but UN Women indicates that in spite of this, it represents only 22% of parliamentarians from all over the world. And what happens in this area with gender inequality in Spain? That as we explained to you recently when talking about examples of micromachines, we prefer to focus on the attire of our policies than on claiming parity. Read more: 5 examples of inequality between men and women

Performs occupations related to gender roles

Gender roles have traditionally placed women in positions related to caring for the home, children or family members. This preconceived idea about the work a woman can do can have a lot to do with the fact that the majority of domestic employees worldwide are precisely women. The International Labor Organization notes that they occupy more than 80% of these positions.

Women earn an average of 24% less

The United Nations indicates that even today, they receive a salary lower than the male. It is around 24% less than theirs, although there are different wage gaps according to each country. If we focus on gender inequality in Spain and look at the INE figures for 2018, we observe that men charge almost 6,000 euros more per year than women. This is explained by low salaries and other phenomena, such as lack of access to positions of responsibility, which are still reserved for the male gender. Incredible but true!

More women who receive the minimum wagegender inequality

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, 15.2% of women enter only the minimum wage or even lower figures, while only 5.6% of men are in this situation. How do you explain this difference? Read more: 9 extreme examples of social inequality

Gender equality, we all contribute

With these actions and those carried out individually, the pressure on governments and education on equality, we can move towards a  fair consideration of both men and women and try to combat the gender inequality at work and in others. areas of personal life.

Any of us, from the social role we have assumed and regardless of the area or profession in which we operate, can contribute to this objective if stop in time the practices that impede full equality and we echo the initiatives designed for eradication.

It starts by modifying some attitudes and ways of thinking, and by inculcating the younger ones the values of equality between men and women: a small step that can change the world! Do you add to this trend?

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