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The gasoline saving is an issue that worries most drivers, especially because there are several myths in relation to what you must do to save fuel; The truth is that some bad practices can damage the engine of our vehicle.

Therefore, we clarify the most common myths and realities about gasoline saving to achieve the maximum performance of our car.gasoline saving

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  • Fill the tank to avoid evaporation losses, this way the gasoline saving lasts longer. This can not happen because the lid of the fuel tank prevents evaporation.
  • There are special magnets and even pills that improve the performance of gasoline saving. We must bear in mind that far from this help our engine, put it at risk.
  • Fill the tank at night or in the morning. This myth is based on the belief that jets release more gasoline at low temperatures. However, the temperature has no effect on the underground tanks, where fuel is actually stored, so you can load gas at any time of the day.
  • Using the air conditioner spends gasoline. Actually, this belief is not true at all. Even, it is similar when the windows are down, because it increases the resistance of the car, so the effort to move forward is greater and causes an increase in gasoline consumption.
  • Multigrade oils are only for new cars. It is true that new vehicles work better with multigrade oils, but these are also beneficial for used cars.gasoline saving


  • Heating the car not only consumes more gasoline but also generates damage to the spark plugs and injectors.
  • Inadequate tire pressure increases fuel consumption by 5%, do not forget that the optimal maintenance of your vehicle will also help keep your economy healthy.
  • Avoid accelerating sharply after being in full height, otherwise, you will consume up to 50% more gasoline.
  • Avoid braking sharply.gasoline saving

Drivers should also make sure to change the oil when advised by their vehicle manufacturer, usually every three months. The good condition of the oil also helps to reduce the internal friction of the engine, so it is recommended to use oils that provide greater benefits such as the Quartz range, ideal for all the operating conditions of the car; Fuel Economy, which allows fuel savings, lower CO2 emissions and less wear; Low Saps, which contain low levels of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulfur or Rubia, the range of oils and lubricants specialized in the transport and motor transport segment.

Cars increasingly consume less. The current diesel vehicles offer consumption figures unthinkable a few years ago, let alone gasoline. The “downsizing” engines, increasingly smaller, with fewer cylinders – few brands are not included in its offer three-cylinder propellers, aided by the supercharging and evolved management and combustion systems, allow gasoline saving in consumption comply with the regulations on polluting emissions planned.gasoline saving

But we do not always move in official figures. Applying a series of tricks to our driving is easy to achieve, and further reduce consumption if we propose it. From the RACE we indicate easy steps on how to save gasoline saving from your vehicles.

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