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The fourth emergency service? When you need a plumber.

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Leaking pipes and overflowing toilets are really not what you want to face at any time but sadly they do happen. When they do it is time to call the fourth emergency service, a plumber. If you need an Emergency Plumber Cheltenham way then just hit the link and they will come and sort all the problems out. What are the most common problems that you might get?

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  1. Overflowing toilet. This needs to be treated immediately. The last thing you want is the contents of the loo leaking out. Hopefully you’ve got lino or a hard floor like tiles in the bathroom. You should be prepared to get the anti-bac scented spray out for this tidy up job. Most of the time there is a blockage. Hand Wipes and nappies are quite a popular choice.

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  1. Leaking pipe. Pipes are usually made of copper. Copper is a very tough and resistant metal and some are even coated in Nickel plating to make them last even longer. They are subject to pressure and wearing and can crack. They can be replaced.
  2. Rubber seals and valves that leak. Rubber, even when it is galvanised, can still perish over time. This can lead to leakage but, again they can be replaced.

These are the common problems. Don’t panic, everything will be ok.

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