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At the wheel of the Ferrari Portofino, the substitute for California

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Ferrari  Portofino offers price, the substitute of California. It will be the most affordable of the Ferrari Portofino that arrives in Spain at the end of April or the beginning of May. And we say affordable considering that its price in Madrid will start at 215,229 dollars.

Ferrari PortofinoThe Ferrari Portofino is like the California a 2 + 2 retractable hardtop. This is folded in a fully electric form in 14 seconds by pressing a button on the center console. The operation can be carried out in standstill or circulating below 40 km / h. As always, in a convertible whose hood or hardtop is the electric drive, whatever its price and power, better start the vehicle to perform the operation to not load excessive work to the battery. The silhouette of the Portofino with the roof It’s a two-volume coupe without a third volume glimpse like it was in California. In the same way, when folding the roof, the lines of the Ferrari Portofino are not strident but harmonious. It is as if the designers of this Cavallino wanted to reduce the prominence of this model. By the way, a ripple that comes out of the front wheels attracts attention and is lost in the middle of the doors to gain aerodynamics. A detail that does not diminish the elegance of the model.

Inside Ferrari PortofinoFerrari Portofino

When Ferrari Portofino entering the car, it is very easy to find the optimal driving position. Our optional seats have 18 settings of electric form. We regulate the steering wheel electrically and observe a simple cockpit. Very horizontal thanks to the 10.25 inches of the central screen and the narrow touch screen that is placed in front of the passenger seat above the glove compartment. The only thing that breaks the horizontal lines is the central console that houses three buttons: one with the R for the reverse gear of the automatic change, another to set the Auto mode for the change and a third, Launch, to perform a full acceleration losing the lowest possible adhesion.

Special mention deserves the steering wheel. Beautiful. It is flat at its base, mixes skin and carbon, has the start button and on the right the manettino, apart from more buttons for the handling of the phone or the variable hardness of the suspension, highlights a light beam at the top. When accelerating red lights are illuminated ascending and ending in blue. It tells us the optimal time to change gears. I look back before starting. The rear seats according to Ferrari have gained five centimeters more for the legs with respect to California. I get up, lift the tab to move the backrest and wait for it to move electrically to its forward position. I enter back and I am fit: I am 1.68 meters tall and I am not tall, so the Ferrari Portofino rear seats are suitable for taking the children. When I left, I realized that I had not put my suitcase in the trunk. 292 liters capacity. But if we want to go descapotados we must put a kind of chest that allows separating the load of the hollow in which the rigid ceiling is lodged when the car goes descapotado. In that hollow, two suitcases fit perfectly, which they allow to go up to the plane cabin if we remove the windscreen. Read more The 10 most interesting hybrids and plug-in hybrids car that you can buy in 2018.

We start Ferrari PortofinoFerrari Portofino

I press the start button and listen to the sound of the escape. This is Ferrari Portofino. The engineers tell me that the V8 engine emits that harmonious sound without any kind of electronic manipulation. It is the natural sound of the engine. We are in the region of Puglia in southern Italy. The state of the roads is horrible. Spain has a secondary road network that is infinitely better maintained than that of Italy. But this helps us to verify that the Portofino is surprisingly comfortable.

If we put the comfort position of the manettino we can make a daily use of the Ferrari Portofino, since the variable hardness of the suspension makes it less rigid and absorbs better the irregularities of this Ferrari Portofino.During the test, we fell a downpour of rain and later of hail. The isolation of the Ferrari Portofino is very good and the visibility with adverse weather also. It is advisable that with large puddles, gravel and mud, treat the accelerator with care and continue in comfort mode. Thus we alleviate the lack of traction and grip in this situation of 20-inch wheels with tires of 245/35 / ZR20 8j front and 285/35 / ZR20 10j behind.

No puddles but not dryFerrari Portofino

The weather gave us a break of an hour. On a winding road, wet but without puddles, I could squeeze more 600 horses on this double-sided Cavallino. First Sports mode on the manettino and five minutes later, ESP Off mode. Here the electric steering that acts in conjunction with the rear electronic differential and Ferrari F1 traction control, are much more permissive. To the point that Ferrari Portofino is nervous, he goes backward, and we have to make corrections on the steering wheel every time we go through an irregularity of the road. Being used to his reactions, the Ferrari Portofino is very funny. The automatic double clutch change is controlled by the fixed cams located behind the steering wheel. He is quick and precise and understands our ineptitude when we go down when we do not have to: he does not pay attention to us so as not to harm the engine. This Cavallino is very dynamic at the time of linking curves for a good distance.The carbocerámicos brakes do not get tired although it is necessary to adapt to the touch of the pedal something that is easy. We also tested the acceleration of the car. Without exact measurement of the chronometer, in a jiffy, we went from 30 to 120 km / h. The Portofino accelerates from 0 to 200 km / h in 10.8 seconds and from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. Without forgetting that it only needs 34 meters to stop the car completely from a speed of 100 km / h.

The new Ferrari Portofino is 80 kilos lighter than its predecessor. According to Ferrari Portofino engineers, this has allowed increasing the systems of driving assistance such as electric steering, improving performance. And according to the brand would have an autonomy of 730 kilometers, thanks to its deposit of 80 liters. Ferrari Portofino homologates for this car 10.7 liters per 100 km and 245 grams of CO2 per kilometer. That autonomy, at a normal pace, drops to about 500 real kilometers.

At Discover Ferrari PortofinoFerrari Portofino

The weather also allowed us to go descapotados. You can go to the open sky in a cheerful way. No chassis noise, do not twist if we go fast. It supports well both hood and without a hood and that has a weight distribution of 46% in front and 54% behind for a weight of 1,664 kilos.A 100 kilometers per hour without a roof can be held a conversation without raising the voice with the companion. With the windscreen and the crystals up, the air does not penetrate inside the interior. It is missing that the seats are heated and ventilated. The Ferrari Portofino does not have a cooling system or heating at the height of the neck as do other cabriolets of lesser importance. But this detail is forgotten if we reduce a couple of gears with the fingers of the left hand and accelerate thoroughly. When listening to the harmonious hum of the escape, everything passes into the background.

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