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And this is the Ferrari 488 Speciale uncovered before hours

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Ferrari 488 will unveil a more sporting and radical version of the 488 GTB at the next Geneva Motor Show. A few days ago the first data about this new car (partially carbon fiber body, V8 more powerful in the history of the brand, etc) was filtered, but we did not have a picture of the car in question. Until today.Ferrari 488

Coinciding with the presentation to potential customers, which takes place this week, one of the attendees has filtered a photo of the front of the car. In front, the most radical Ferrari 488 (we’ll call it Speciale until we know its name) only shares the headlights with the current Ferrari 488 GTB. Everything is for efficiency and sportsmanship.

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In the presentation leaked a few days ago it was explained that the Ferrari 488 “Speciale” stendría an aerodynamic 20% more effective than in the 488 GTB. And it is in the front that we can appreciate the first modifications: wide air intakes, splitters, and valentines to the Ferrari F12 tdf, as well as a hood that seems to extract the air from the front spoiler, which would follow the same path as the traditional one’s decorative stripes.

Ferrari 488 Speciale? Sport Speciale? GTO?Ferrari 488

One of the unknowns, in addition to the power and performance of what promises to be the most radical Ferrari of the current range, is the name. These radical versions of the Ferrari V8 Berlinetta began with the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, followed by the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the 458 Speciale. Some rumors spoke of Ferrari 488 GTO, while in the presentation of yore they spoke of Sports Speciale. What will it be?

Mystery, although we can discard almost completely the initials GTO since in the photo the word Speciale is clearly visible. Although finally, it could be Sports Speciale. Following the apparent laziness of Ferrari is looking for names for their models (that if LaFerrari, Speciale, Aperta) could well leave Speciale.

Description of Ferrari 488Ferrari 488

2018 Ferrari 488 GTB shown in Rosso Corsa over Nero leather interior. This vehicle is equipped with the following options, red calipers, carbon fiber side air ducts, rear air ducts in carbon fiber, horse stitched on headrest in red, U.S functional equipment, carbon fiber steering wheel with LED’s, Scuderia Ferrari shields, rear parking camera, parking sensors, sport sill cover, 20″ forged rims, yellow tachometer, full electric seats, and special stitching throughout in red. For further details, please contact our sales staff.

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