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Ferrari 488 Track: the successor of 458 Speciale is here

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We had been waiting for a long time and finally, the most effective street supercar of Ferrari 488 track has been released today. The leak of certain documents revealed the approval of a more radical Ferrari 488

  • This vitamin version of the 488 GTB was initially called 488 GTO
  • Equip a longitudinal V8 double turbo engine with an exact power of 720 horses
  • The final name of the Maranello supercar is Ferrari 488 Track, a nod to the track days
  • Ferrari has presented the various leaks after 488 Track, successor to the 458 Speciale – SoyMotor
  • Ferrari has presented after the various leaks the 488 Pista, the successor of the 458 Speciale

Ferrari 488 track: the successor of 458 SpecialeFerrari 488 Track

It was not a particularly well-kept secret that Ferrari was working on a lightened and vitaminized version of the Ferrari 488 GTB, but the leaking of several documents confirmed the news. A few days later, a second filtration allowed us to meet the new Ferrari 488 Pista before its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. At first glance, in Maranello, they have achieved the desired objective, a really attractive supercar that gives a worthy relief to the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Read more: And this is the Ferrari 488 Speciale uncovered before hours

When the first data of the Ferrari 488 track was leaked, the Italian supercar did not even have a definitive name and many chose to call it Ferrari 488 GTO, historical acronyms within the brand and consequent to be a more sporty and radical version of the 488 GTB. Under that name, or the Ferrari 488 ‘ Sports Speciale’, appeared the first images of the supercar via the internet, although much more diffuse and worse quality of the photos that have ended up filtering the 488 Pista, with a definitive name included. Now, it’s official.Ferrari 488 Track

In this regard, the Ferrari 488 track lives up to its name and appears to be focused on giving their best circuits in those days track days a delight to the owners of the most exclusive supercars. Anyway, the track 488 has a redesigned bumper renovated with a design from a remarkable front splitter. On the bonnet appears a large crack that is escorted by the optical groups, one of the few details that do not change. Some of these tweaks help improve aerodynamic efficiency by 20%. A key section, since Ferrari, presumes to launch the car with a greater technological transfer of the world of competition in its history.Ferrari 488 Track

Regarding the Ferrari 488 GTB, there is no lack of new design tires and a new finish for braces and air intakes. The rear bumper and diffuser, completely designed in carbon fiber in the image of the Ferrari 488 GTE competition, is also renewed. In it is included the double exit of the exhaust system, although the defining element of its design is its spoiler, an element that not only marks differences at the aesthetic level but also at the aerodynamic level, a key factor when running on a circuit.Ferrari 488 Track

The Ferrari 488 Track equips an enhanced and evolved version of the brand’s 3.9-liter Biturbo V8 engine, a propeller that equips the 488 GTB. From 670 horses of the original engine is passed to 720 horses, or what is the same, Ferrari continues to extract 51 more horses to an engine that becomes in its own right the most powerful V8 in the history of the brand, in addition, to Accredit 770 Newton-meter of torque. It is expected that this engine has a more radical set-up to meet on track, both at the level of suspensions and brakes. In addition, the engine will also be 10% lighter and will offer a ‘unique sound similar to the Ferrari circuit’Ferrari 488 Track

There are still no confirmed performances, but the Ferrari 488 Pista is expected to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in 2.85 seconds, its maximum speed being 340 kilometers/hour. These figures are possible, among other things, thanks to the new Sideslip management system – Ferrari’s advanced stability and traction control – for an “extremely direct” steering relationship and a new gear-changing program called Race. In addition, the 488 Tracks has received a diet of weight loss and is 90 kilos lighter than the Ferrari 488 GTB – now 1,280 kilos-.Ferrari 488 Track

While waiting for its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, it has also been able to see part of the passenger compartment for the first time, although in this aspect no major changes were expected with respect to previous designs of the brand. The premise is to control the weight in a cabin that will have traditional competition banquets, a reduced weight panel, and the use of carbon fiber in many of its elements. The design is really attractive, with black finishes with details in red tones. Continue reading Filtered out! Before you, the Ferrari 488 “Sports Speciale”: the most radical and powerful eight-cylinder Ferrari?


Ferrari 488 track at the mechanical level we can not confirm anything, but it will use an evolution of the V8 engine that uses the Ferrari 488 in the Challenge Series with more than 700 horses. The model has also suffered a huge lightning, with an immense amount of carbon fiber, including new tires and interior, where you will lose much of the comfort equipment.


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