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8 Ideal destinations for family sports

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Family sports-Sports tourism is one in which the main attraction of the trip is to participate openly in outdoor activities. In recent years it has been gaining strength. And today more and more destinations are being sought for family sports.

There are many options. Some range from hiking to adventure sports such as surfing, kayaking. Or whitewater descent among others. Here are some of the most popular to schedule a different vacation.

Destinations for family sports

Caminito del Rey (Malaga)

family sports

Located in the Natural Area of ​​the Gorge of the Gaitanes between the municipalities of Alora, Antequera and Ardales, it is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the mountains of Malaga. If you are beginners in sports tourism, this is one of the most recommended options.

This elevated road was built at the beginning of the 20th century to join the extremes of a hydroelectric jump. It is located in a canyon excavated by the Guadalhorce River and in some places the width is only 10 meters and 700 deep. The route has an extension of 16 kilometers (including round trip).

Due to the deterioration he suffered a few years ago he earned the name of the most dangerous road in the world. After its restoration in 2014 it is completely safe again. We advise you to reserve a ticket before going.

Natural park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Huesca)

Another of the most famous family sports destinations is located north of the Huesca region. The Natural Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1977. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, it is the ideal place for cycling, horse riding, climbing or canoeing.

Another highly recommended activity is hiking through the interior of the park, because that way you can discover places and places that you would not know otherwise. There are many roads such as the Ordesa Prairie Trail and the Revilla Lookout Trail in the Escuain Gorges.

Route of Cares (Asturias and Leon)

This is one of the most famous routes in northern Spain and the Picos de Europa. Although it is quite extensive (24 kilometers including round trip) it is highly recommended for its incredible beauty.

It is also known as the “Divine Gorge” and is popular for the narrowness of its roads, for its fantastic views and for crossing an impressive gorge. The road has enough space to cross people with no problem but if you have vertigo, don’t look down!

Throughout the road you will enjoy an imposing landscape, combining the peaks of the Picos de Europa with the Cares River flowing at your feet. The itinerary is the union between the towns of Cain (Leon) and Poncebos (Asturias). It is important to be prepared. Bring enough water, comfortable shoes and a lot of caution on the sections without railing next to the cliffs. Be very careful with children!

District of Pallars Sobira (Lleida)

It is one of the most appropriate family sports destinations as many adventure sports can be done. You will have the possibility of horse riding, hiking, mountaineering or climbing. There are many trails through which you will see impressive places where vegetation springs and lakes abound.

The most popular sport in the area is rafting, which is practiced mostly on the Noguera Pallaresa River. It has quite calm waters that make it ideal for those who already know as for those who want to learn.

For lovers of hiking, in this region is the National Park of Aigüestortes and Llac de Sant Maurici . It is perfect for hiking inside and discovers its impressive natural areas.

The Cantabrian coast

The Cantabrian community is ideal for many adventure sports and has more than 600 kilometers of trails through which to discover this beautiful region. It has protected areas such as the Collados Del Ason Natural Park and the Saja Besaya Natural Park.

But if Cantabria stands out for something, it is because of its coastline. It is very frequent to practice climbing on its steep cliffs and surfing. The waves are ideal for this sport, both for learning and for those who are already experts. Some of the beaches most frequented by surfers are Berria and Los Lobos in Suances, Valdearenas and Somo in Liencres or El Sardinero in Santander.

Tarifa (Cadiz)

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This destination is perfect to enjoy the sea, the sun and beautiful coastal landscapes as a family.  Tarifa’s beaches are perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Both sports need some training, but the result will be worth it. This place is suitable for this type of hobbies due to its weather conditions, with frequent wind gusts.

Do not hesitate to go to the Strait of Gibraltar to see cetaceans, as it is a place of frequent passage among many marine species such as whales, dolphins, killer whales and sperm whales.

Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

The Canarian archipelago is also one of the most visited family sports destinations as many outdoor activities can be done.

The practice of diving is very common due to the richness of its seabed in terms of flora and fauna and its crystalline waters. The waves and winds of some areas of the island, make surfing also one of the most performed sports.

The interior of the island is also suitable for other options such as hiking, rappelling, climbing, cycling or canyoning for the bravest.

Region of Vera (Caceres)

In Spain there are more than 2,700 kilometers of disused railway tracks that have become cycling and hiking routes, known as the Greenways. One of the most recommended is in Extremadura, specifically in Caceres in the Comarca de la Vera.

The length of the entire path is 40 kilometers, but you can do smaller stages. The best way to travel them is by bicycle, so it is essential that children know how to ride well and that they are over 8 years old so that the road does not become very hard for them.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.



The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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