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What is special about the ester-c?

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Did you know that in countries like Sweden people take a vitamin C supplement as if it were the most normal thing in the world? In fact, it even sells in supermarkets and makes offers of 2 × 1 and similar. In the USA, the intake of these supplements is also very normal and there is no self-respecting tourist who does not ask you for a tube of vitamin C when you have a cold. A widespread practice but …ester-c

The vitamin C is ideal as an antioxidant and also stimulates the immune system by preventing cold and flu. The idea of “how much more I take, the better” is totally erroneous. We should not go over the recommended dose since an excess, would make the function totally opposite and even be a source of oxidation for the organism. There are people that an excess of vitamin C can cause them to diarrhea! But, like everything, in its proper measure is very rich!

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The intake of vitamin C gives good results quickly especially in people who have a high level of stress. Colds and flu and even allergies heal faster with the supplementation of this water-soluble vitamin.

But have you ever heard of Ester-C?Ester-C

The difference between Ester-C and vitamin C is clear. The first product is a much less acidic format than pure vitamin C, so it would not cause problems by acidifying the blood more than necessary and interfering in the distribution in the blood of some other more specific medication. Or even this acidity could give diarrhea, already mentioned above, or gastric irritation. In addition, it contains bioflavonoids that make the compound much easier to absorb than pure vitamin C. And Ester-C intervenes in the formation of vitamin C itself, causing it to double its activity and the ability to store it in cells and tissues twice as long. ester-c

At the Farmacia de la Estrella we work with vitamin C and Ester-C, among others, from the Solgar house. It is an American laboratory which we have already talked about in other posts and in which we fully trust in the purity and quality of its products. Continue reading How to achieve a good coexistence.


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