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5 essentials accessories of the groom

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If you need some essentials accessories of the groom because of the preparations for marriage and the number of things you have in your head, which surely have you up and down, do not allow neglect any infallible complement that accompanies your wedding suit. You have to be ideal and radiant for the occasion as will your girlfriend with her lavish dress walking towards the altar. Take note, these are the essential accessories for you:

Essentials accessories of the groom: Tie and bowessentials accessories

The ties are essential in any groom’s look and can be wide or narrow and in black, gray or silver tones, depending on the suit and collar of the shirt you see. Being true to your own style and your tastes you can opt for a simple knot, ideal for narrow necks like English or French collar. The Windsor knot is perfect for open neck or Italian collar shirts. keep reading Five of the best brands of groom suits

Today there are many grooms who opt for the classic and elegant tie for the daytime ceremonies. Others, they look the complement par excellence, the bow, ideal to combine it with tuxedo or tailcoat in the nocturnal marriages. If the event is formal and serious then opt for a discreet bow, but if yours is a casual and cool wedding we encourage you to wear a funny bun to be the most modern groom.

Essentials accessories of the groom: The twinsessentials accessories

It is the jewel recommended by excellence to wear the groom the day of marriage. They can come from family inheritance or be a gift from the future wife. With the passage of time, this recommendation has become almost an obligation and an inevitable element that adapts to any groom’s look. Therefore, most men choose to wear shirts with double cuffs to show off. The most classic boyfriends opt for silver or gold cufflinks, but, the riskiest, they opt for colored cufflinks easily combined with other accessories such as the vest or tie. Read more: Wedding suits in 5 styles: what is yours?

Essentials accessories of the groom: The onessentials accessories

Many choose to wear this detail on the lapel of the bag as a compliment. Many opt for an old brooch inherited, given or even borrowed, while other boyfriends risk a small bouquet identical to the bride’s bouquet to go one and another in composé. If you have a marriage sponsor do not forget that both should go with the same on.

Essentials accessories of the groom: The shoesessentials accessories

Some elegant and successful shoes are the keys to look great your wedding suit. The protocol dress considers dark and black shoes as the most suitable for marriage. However, there are many styles: with or without laces, square toe and round toe, leather or patent leather, among others. It is very important to have first the suit you are going to wear and then combine it perfectly with the most appropriate footwear.

Essentials accessories of the groom: The clockessentials accessories

Tic tac, tic tac … Complete your costume with a magnificent classic and elegant watch in dark color, with a leather strap or metal and medium sphere is the chili of the cake for any style of the boyfriend. For now forget about sports watches, striking colors or XXL sizes.

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