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elegant wedding guest dresses

Elegant wedding guest dresses: to shine during the celebration

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Elegant wedding guest dresses– Did you check your closet and not find a wedding party dress? Do not panic. We invite you to see this selection in elegant wedding guest dresses to give you an idea of ​​what you can wear in the celebration.

You received the invitation from the couple. They want you to accompany them on that special date. They took pains to choose the best decoration for marriage, the menu, music and other preparations to make you feel comfortable. So, the best way to correspond is to attend (if you can) and wearing a party dress that is at the height of the event. Do not worry about what to wear, you have a point in your favor and that important information such as the time and the dress code are indicated on the card. This time they have decided to celebrate a marriage in the evening, therefore, you need an outfit and some accessories for the party dress appropriate Our mission? Help you with ideas so you know what you can wear. Do not miss these 10 options in elegant wedding guest dresses.

Top elegant wedding guest dresses


best elegant wedding guest dresses

Yes, the fringes make their appearance this season. You will see them in jackets, skirts, as ornaments in the sleeves. And of course, in elegant wedding guest dresses. The design that we present to you is part of the collection of the Fara Fiesta 2019 line. It is a long party dress, embroidered in tone, with floral lace on the top and V-neckline on the front and on the back. If the dress code of the marriage to which you are invited indicates formal. You are in luck! you have in your hands the ideal option to stand out on a night out. Finish your styling with golden or silver-colored heeled sandals. And for the hairstyle, you can choose between a picked one or wear hairstyle for loose hair. As for the accessories, he prefers the simplest: long earrings and a clutch bag or handbag. Go ahead and explore this alternative full of movement. And more if what you want to transmit is a different air with a flamenco touch .


latest elegant wedding guest dresses

We could not leave out between the options of elegant wedding guest dresses. This beautiful design of the Pronovias house. Do you love precious stones and subtle transparency? If your answer is a resounding yes! (as the bride and groom will give at the altar) then this short cocktail dress is for you. Its boat neckline adorned with lace and rhinestones  is accompanied by transparency in the three-quarter.  Or French sleeves . The skirt straight and smoothup to the knee, elaborated in mikado finishes giving that elegant touch to this piece of dark blue color. It will be a good choice for bodies in the shape of a triangle, that is, thin in the torso. And with some volume in the hips, as it will accentuate the curves. This suit will combine very well with high-heeled shoes or gold strapless sandals. Undoubtedly, a hairstyle that is low will also give you a sensual look for a night of celebration without equal.

Brightness, a lot of brightness

elegant wedding guest dresses

Ready to shine at the party with a long cocktail dress ? That’s right, surely with this option you will not go unnoticed either. The party line of the St. Patrick firm shows next season this long sleeve dress, mermaid cut. And gray paillettes or sequins appliques . Thanks to the design of the transparent neckline in tulle, the effect of carrying two pieces is created. And in the back of the dress voila. It is impossible not to be astonished with the deep neckline on the back that also accompanies the translucent silhouette. Convinced with this attire? Remember that, having a lot of brightness, you will not need to wear ostentatious jewelry. Because the set will be very overloaded. Allow yourself to wear some small earrings, and as for the shoes.


top elegant wedding guest dresses

The proposals in elegant wedding guest dresses for marriage become increasingly interesting. If you like to break the schemes a bit without sacrificing elegance, take a look at this model  2019 collection. A black sleeveless jumpsuit made of georgette light and transparent fabric made of silk and tulle. It has a layer that comes off from the middle of the front neckline. And part of the shoulder that falls to the ground to become a tail. A curious design. Because half of the suit has a subtle transparency, while the other covers the skin completely. Top the suit with some closed shoes and a small bag.

Long mermaid

the elegant wedding guest dresses

Among the  long elegant wedding guest dresses we find this from the Ida Torez line of the Pollardi group. Mermaid cut, dropped shoulder , with an impressive embroidery on both the neckline and part of the back. The house proposes two tonalities, one in gold and the other with a degraded effect between black and red. To look like a goddess, as she names her designs this collection: goddess. Light up wearing a high hairstyle. Or an easy pick up so you can see all the charm of your style in the party that awaits you with the couple.

Welcome two-piece effect

discover elegant wedding guest dresses

Attentive because the turn now is for this dress of the new that brings Air Barcelona 2019. An outfit that gives the sensation of being two pieces, that is, as if it were a blouse and skirt separately. The skirt is brocade in blue, its drawings are in black, which combines well with the upper part that is completely black. It has three quarter sleeves and a boat neckline. And in the back it has a very discreet V neckline . It looks elegant, but at the same time casual. The grace to wear a look like this is to wear high shoes and if you want to follow in accordance with the colors then you prefer black sandals.

Asymmetric touch

top elegant wedding guest dresses

This design by Carlo Pignatelli is the right one if you want to give a different look to your style. Thanks to its asymmetrical neckline and its pleated waist make a dress to go to a perfect night wedding. The straight cut skirt is made of light fabrics that provide movement when walking. Try that, if you wear an outfit with these characteristics. It will  not be too long if your height is low because you could step on it and trip easily. And as for the earrings. If what you want is to give a longer neck effect, it is indicated that these have an elongated shape. Otherwise large ones will look good. It will not be strictly necessary to use a collar, because the neckline does its work by decorating and drawing attention to the top.

Intense red

the elegant wedding guest dresses

And since it will be a very special occasion, you should be up to the celebration. Therefore, also pay attention to this model of Demetrios. Yes, this red party dress also has a green light to be used in a night marriage. A sleeveless dress and boat neckline, adorned with beads or diamonds that form geometric figures until you reach the waist where a kind of belt is created. On the other hand, the skirt covers the tulle to give it some body, grace and movement.

Thinking about future moms

top best elegant wedding guest dresses

We enter the final stretch of the proposals that we want to show you, and we could not leave out those who are looking for an evening dress for pregnant women. The Ripe Maternity brand presents a soft and elastic lace up to the knee. Ideal to look like a cocktail elegant wedding guest dresses. Its round neck is also covered by lace that gives a glimpse of the skin. This design is also indicated for those women who are between the fourth and seventh month of pregnancy.

For the curvy

best elegant wedding guest dresses

Last, but not least, is this gorditas evening gown by the Carmakoma brand : V-neck and bodice. And with elastic at the waist. Pamper yourself by selecting the rest of the accessories to complete your styling and meet the dress code that marked the future spouses. Remember to separate appointment with the beauty professional so you can decide if what suits you is an easy hairstyle or a more elaborate.

We hope that with the proposed options you have an idea of ​​what you want to use for the marriage of those relatives or friends to whom you were invited. It is important that the pattern is marked according to what they indicate on the marriage card , only then you can choose the elegant wedding guest dresses and the most appropriate accessories. Remember that you are the one who has the last word, wear those clothes that you feel comfortable with. We just have to tell you to enjoy the night and what the bride and groom prepared with so much love for the celebration.

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