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Eat cheap in New York

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Eat cheap in New York. We keep talking about our trip to New York and today we have to talk about gastronomy: where to eat cheaply in New York. We are going to tell you about some of the places where we ate in our 5 days in the big apple, some of them highly recommended and others not so much.

Eat cheap in New York: Shake Shack

Eat cheap in New York

Possibly the best hamburger we have ever eaten in our life, yes the best!!!! The best known site is near Times Square, it has no loss, 691 of the 8AV corner with the 44th but you have many for New York, you can check the website of Shake Shack where all its premises leave with the exact address.

Theme prices as it is very good, the menu is in the 13 dollars and here we leave you separately the prices:

Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s is an American franchise specializing in pretzel sales. Born in 1988, the idea of ​​Anne Beiler and her husband went down. According to Gosi, these pretzels are the best in the world, much better than the ones you can eat at street stalls in New York.

You can find one in front of Shake Shack of the 8 AV but we leave you here the website of Auntie Anne, since you have franchises in 45 states of the USA and in 25 more countries.

Ellens Stardust Diner

This place is unique! Ellen´s Stardust is a very good option to have a hamburger in the center of New York, but that is not the best but what sets it apart from other places is that the waiters make a very fun show singing and dancing while you They serve the food, they are artists who are waiting for a place in a Broadway musical, so they strive to make the show great quality, go many scouts to look at them there.

The place is always full and sometimes you have to make a small queue, but it’s worth it!!! We leave here the website of Ellens Stardust. Eat cheap in New York

Hot dog in street stalls

The price of the prerritos in street stalls is 2 dollars; we were charged 5 dollars from central park. Why? For not asking first, they see you as a tourist and they scam you.

What to say about these puppies? If you go to New York you have to try them, they are very good and you will find them everywhere in the city.

Pizza in New York

The prices of the pizzas vary depending on the place where you take it but if you want something cheap and good you will find places around the city with offers like these, 2 pieces of pizza and coca cola for less than 3 dollars !!! crazy but true and they are very good … The places where we find it is a bit far from Times Square about 4-5 streets.


This American food chain is located in more than 50 countries with more than 1000 establishments, I personally had never eaten in it until I arrived in New York, and the food is fine but not very cheap.

United States travel insurance

The travel insurance to United States is one of the essential things on a trip to this country. The main reason is that Health in the United States is very expensive and any problem you have during your stay there can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To give you an example, a night of hospitalization is around 2,000 dollars, an appendicitis operation of 45,000 and a simple consultation with the doctor can be worth 500 dollars, especially crazy if we see that travel insurance for the United States with Iati Insurance for 5 days you have it from 20 dollars. So you know, always travel with travel insurance and especially if it is to the United States.

The seven best outlets in New York to go shopping without leaving Manhattan

Eat cheap in New York

The shopping paradise: Oxford Street will be pedestrian at the end of 2019 the shopping paradise: Oxford Street will be pedestrian at the end of 2019.

Nine New York instagrammers that will guide you on your visit to the Big Apple Nine New York instagrammers that will guide you on your visit to the Big Apple.

Almost everyone who has ever visited New York has been tempted to shop. And, if we have not yet been lucky enough to step on the Big Apple, surely we have heard many people talk about the bargains that can be found in the outlets near the city. But what if we don’t want to miss a whole day of the trip escaping to the outskirts? Well … there is hope. Because Manhattan also has a few outlets … and very good! And, in addition, we can go through them in passing that we know the best of one of our favorite cities in the world. These are our favorites:

21st century

The outlet universe led to its maximum expression. In Century 21 it is possible to find everything … and everything cheap, very cheap. From the highest street brands to the most scandalous luxury, everything is among its different sections. Clothes, suitcases, deco, shoes, accessories, bags, makeup … It is scientifically proven that it is impossible to enter Century 21 and not go out with something.

Century 21 has two stores inside Manhattan: in 1972 Broadway, next to Lincoln Square (we can take a visit to the Lincoln Center to get closer to it), and at 22 Cortland Street , right next to the Ground Zero, Perfect to end a day of sightseeing in the financial district of Downtown.

Bonus track: in the Cortland Street store we can find C21 Edition, specialized in products of the most elite luxury, with up to 75% discount.


Disturbing, messy and chaotic. This is TJMaxx, but … it’s worth it. Because among its hangers we can find authentic bargains, those of giving a lot of envy to our friends when we return home. There are few products that cannot be found in TJMaxx. And, if New York is too much for us, our twin sister TKMaxx is waiting for us in the United Kingdom.

It is difficult to walk around Manhattan and not trip over a TJMaxx, since there is practically one in each neighborhood. The largest is the one located on Sixth Avenue, between 18th and 19th streets, very close to the Flatiron building and Union Square .

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory, as its name suggests, is an outlet specializing in coats, although among its many square meters we can find many other products that will delight shopping fans. The boots also deserve a special chapter from our visit to Burlington.

Burlington Coat Factory has several locations in Manhattan, but the best known is the one located in Union Square. Getting lost in Chelsea and SoHo in the middle of Christmas, let us go through the cold and stop in Burlington to solve it … we think it’s a great plan!


Belonging to the same chain as TJMaxx, but more unknown and less overwhelming than his older brother. Here we will find constant surprises, since the philosophy of the store is to change the collection on a weekly basis. And an important clue: purple labels indicate that the garments belong to world-class designers.

Marshalls has several stores throughout New York, but the newest and largest is the one located in Tribeca. Ideal for shopping while we stroll through the most bohemian Manhattan.

Saks Off 5th

Saks 5th Avenue is one of the New York establishments that are synonymous with authentic prohibitive luxury. But the opening last year of its outlet, Saks Off 5th, has put designer clothes more within reach of the public.

Saks Off 5th is so central that it is almost impossible not to pass in front of your door at some point during a trip to Manhattan. At 125 E on 57th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenue, we can take advantage of the visit to Fifth Avenue, St Patrick’s Cathedral or Rockefeller Center to drop us there.

Bloomingdale’s Outlet

Bloomingdale’s is synonymous with shopping at one of our favorite department stores in Manhattan. But it will no longer be necessary to damage our credit card at the original Lexington Avenue location, because now we can find the brand’s outlet, full of all brands of clothing, and with a cosmetic department where we want to lose ourselves.


Bloomingdale’s Outlet is located on Broadway, quite close to Century 21. It is the ideal place to get lost in the Upper West Side, two steps away, in addition to one of the favorite places of New Yorkers to eat a hot dog: the mythical Gray’s Papaya.

Nordstrom Rack

The low cost version of the classic Nordstrom is the ideal place to miss a good time on our visit to New York. Among its walls there is so much material that you always have to dig a little to get some wonder, but, if we do, we can go home with a Valentino or Prada bag or with some wonder from Balenciaga . It’s worth the search, isn’t it?

Nordstrom Rack is also in the Union Square area, like other outlets that we have shown you, so we began to consider that it would not be a bad idea to dedicate an afternoon of our trip to this area with so much charm of NY.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.



The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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