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I lost my driver’s license. What do I do?

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I lost my driver’s license. What do I do?  because they are things that happen but to others. Something as foolish as forgetting the wallet somewhere, or carrying the card separately and losing it can happen to anyone, what happens is that we always believe that this happens to others. However one day you arrive home, palpate the pocket where you usually carry the little bag with permission and … oh surprise: you have lost your driver’s license. And now that?

Fortunately, what happens next is quite easy to solve. As long as you do not have any impediment for the court to circulate, it will be enough to carry out a simple paperwork at the Traffic Headquarters that corresponds to you and is ready. Then we tell you what you should do if you have lost your driver’s license.driver's license

First, stop tormenting yourself: you have lost the card that represents your card, but you have not lost the right to drive. Of course, should not circulate without permission because it carries a penalty , according to Article 60 of the Royal Legislative Decree 339/1190, of March 2 , which approves the articulated text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, for not presenting an agent of the authority the permit is 10 euros (5 if you pay before 20 days) . What we do not want is to go around without our card, so take note.

First, what we commented: ” Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters, upon request of the holders of a valid driver’s license or license, shall issue duplicates thereof in cases of theft, loss or deterioration of the original .” So breathe easy.driver's license

The procedure to get the duplicate driving license is fast at the Traffic Headquarters that corresponds to you. First, you must request a prior appointment online to attend. In principle, you will not have any problem to request it, as long as you have no legal impediment to drive.

If your card has not expired, when you have lost it, you have not lost your right to drive. Therefore, you must request a duplicate of your driver’s license or permit, according to the current law, providing the following documentation :driver's license

  • Application in official form ( see the document )
  • ID card, passport or residence card in force.
  • Updated photograph if the permit is issued in cardboard support (something very rare nowadays, in clear decadence), because if it is issued on a plastic card it is not necessary to provide it. The only requirement of the photos, apart from the dimensions (32 x 26 mm), is to show the full face and the use of dark glasses or garments that cover the oval of the face is not allowed.

This is, logically, in the case that the card has been lost. If a change is requested due to deterioration, it is necessary to provide the original document, and if it is for theft, there will have to be a complaint in between. When requesting a duplicate for loss, it is necessary to pay fees that vary annually. For 2017 the rate is 20.20 euros for the driving license.

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