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Practical guide to have the best drinks bar in your wedding

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When we talk about drinks bar for weddings, the first thing we must determine if the budget we have for the drinks bar. The variety, quality, and quantity of drinks that we can offer will depend on it. Once the budget is defined, we must consider the tastes and preferences of the couple and what they want to drink at their wedding. Do not forget to choose soft drinks, waters, and/or juices to offer to the smallest ones and to the guests who prefer them!drinks bar

Besides surprising your guests with a captivating wedding decor, a delicious celebration menu and the best music, having a selection of liquors and cocktails arranged in a drinks bar is the perfect condiment to make your wedding an unforgettable party. From simple drinks to signature cocktails that recreate the same colors of the bridesmaids’ party dresses, the options are endless and work very well for both rural weddings and those that are going to be held in a more closed room. Explore this guide that we have prepared for you so that you have an unforgettable wedding.

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Where to start? Drinks bardrinks bar

One of the most difficult calculations to make in the planning of the marriage party is the quantity and selection of beverages to offer. For this, the best thing is to establish a budget that allows defining the quality and variety of drinks that will be available, just as when the prices of bridal dresses are consulted, this item is important to have a real base and no surprises. With a clear budget, the choice of liqueurs should be made taking into account the tastes and preferences of the couple in the same way that they have chosen the flowers or the invitation card, model. Remember that it is your party and it is you who define what you want to offer. Do not forget to include non-alcoholic drinks, juices, soft drinks and lots of water.

According to drinks bar your style drinks bar

The selection of drinks and cocktails will also depend on the type of party they are going to perform. If you will have an outdoor marriage in the day, it is best to include fresh drinks within the offer. They can decide on cocktails with white liquors such as vodka or gin and preparations that include cucumber, ginger or fruit juices and lots of ice. If your marriage is at night, whether on a terrace or in a closed room, the possibilities migrate to stronger liquors such as rum or whiskey. They can be offered alone, on the rocks or in cocktail recipes with bitter drops, lemon, and mixers.

An innovative way to personalize your wedding is to allow yourself an exclusive or signature cocktail. You can explore this option with the bartender who will attend your party and will surely achieve a mix adjusted to the preferences of the couple. Dare to experiment with exotic flavors such as cocktails with pepper, cardamom, aromatic leaves combined with your favorite liquor either brandy, rum or even wine. Remember to also put a name related to your marriage or a short love phrase like love in a perfect mix of today forever or as far as your imagination takes you.

Create a festive atmospheredrinks bar

In addition to deciding the offer of drinks and liquors, the drinks bar must play perfectly with all the decoration of the room for marriage, becoming a special and very striking place of the party. Following the line of design can simulate the drinks bar of a bar with a wooden furniture decorated with glasses, glasses with colorful cigarettes or blacks for the most classic and coolers, complementing the decoration with a good lighting either with lamps that hang or jets of light. The most rustic celebrations can create the atmosphere of a bar with bales of hay, barrels or even wheelbarrows to deposit bottled drinks such as juice or beers and give a very cheerful touch with colorful pennants on paper or cloth.

You can make this space a really fun experience by designing beverage menus with the same papers and typographies used in marriage cards and decorating the whole environment with the same elements that you used for your wedding centerpieces. Now, decide to have the best toast in your life.

The most of the most are to coordinate the color of the drinks with that of the weddings themselves. A caipirinha with rose water. To calculate the number of drinks in your drinks bar, consider the main drink of your wedding and its performance and the number of guests who drink alcohol. The amount of drinks for mobile bars also depends on the wedding schedule. At weddings during the day, you drink much less than at a night party. The drinks bar for weddings can be very expensive. When we start planning the reception party, the question arises about what to offer our guests and of course the fear of falling short! Take note of these tips and suggestions. Since the party is not a party without a good bar of drinks and cocktails for weddings!

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