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The 5 most original bars in the world: Ideal to have a different date!

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Having an original appointment, departure from everyday life with your partner is possible. And, from Zankyou we love to advise you and show you different places where you could have an amazing time and a lot of fun with your partner for a different date. Today we focus our post to tell you which are the 5 most original bars around the world so you can have an appointment with the love of your life for a different date, it is about different places, each one with a particular philosophy and style that we know will delight anyone. At the end of the article, we invite you to tell us which one is your favorite? Which would you take your partner to have an unforgettable date? We start!

Skeleton Bar (Gruyeres, Switzerland) for a different datedifferent date

His name indicates it, yes, you read well, it’s about skeletons. This bar could be considered a dismal work of art, created by the special effects designer of the movie Alien, Hans Rudi Giger and is inspired entirely by a human skeleton. Its decoration is in accordance with the style, you can find skulls, bones here and bones over there. Everything as a whole highlight a beautifully formed horror product, its incredible atmosphere full of mystery is complemented by paintings by Ernest Fuchs and Salvador Dalí. This place is visited by all kinds of people from different nationalities of the world, a show that you can not miss!

The Red Sea Star Bar (Eilat, Israel)  for a different datedifferent date

It is one of the first submarine bars in the world. This prestigious Israeli bar is located in the Red Sea at six meters deep, you can enjoy having a drink or dinner while enjoying the spectacular marine fauna. The decoration of the place mixes good taste with octopus-shaped chairs, lamps that are like jellyfish and other typical elements of the sea. Its particular shape in the shape of a starfish, its 62 windows and its sand floor, which gives you the sensation of walking in the sea, make this place the ideal place to enjoy a truly incredible date! For more ideas do you know the most romantic cities in the world? You will love it. Continue reading  The 5 most original bars in the world to have a very special date

Nevermind Bar (Barcelona, Spain)  for a different datedifferent date

If you consider yourself an alternative couple, this place is ideal for you. Otherwise, it would be nice to know this bar in Barcelona that has as main attraction two ramps for indoor skaters. On the other side, if you do not want to practice on the ramps, you can find tables and decoration painted graffiti style, in a modern and grunge atmosphere. You can enjoy a beer in a 100% alternative space where you will listen to indie, punk and rock music. You’ll love it! know which are the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Club Mine (Zacatecas, Mexico) for a different datedifferent date

It will be a completely different experience. This place is 184 meters deep, as a reminder of a mine that gave rise to this excavation. This bar-disco is located in the deepest part of the earth and becomes an ideal place to spend an evening as a couple, it is decorated. With a grotto look that seems to take you to some treasure. To be able to arrive, you must transport yourself in a train that crosses the entrails of the earth and that after 4 minutes will leave you at the door so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. You may also be interested in knowing the places to have a date of love, you will be surprised!

Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) for a different datedifferent date

This place is located on one of the longest streets in Amsterdam that starts the ring that encompasses the center of the city. This place is visited by young and not so young, who enjoy beers, soft drinks, wines and all kinds of drinks, which consume the rhythm of the best alternative music. The best way to break the ice and meet other people will be when you decide to play at one of the tables of ping-pong that the place has, the participants are eliminated until only two competitors are left to beat in the final duel. If you do not like to play, it does not matter, you can enjoy some of the concerts that are offered in its multiple rooms.



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