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Christmas fashion

Top Christmas fashion idea 2018

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Corporate dinners, reunions with friends, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or just a Saturday lunch, with a typical December dinner, any date this season is special. And every special appointment needs a chord look. The glitter, sequins, transparent and velvet dresses are the great trend for this Christmas fashion and New Year’s Eve. Midi courts this season are also a safe bet.

If you have not finished yet saturated with the autumn flowers, opt for them, they give joy in a time of year of sad colors or vertical stripes that also stylize the figure. In addition, combined with high-heeled booties, they are one of the safest outfits.

As for dresses for Christmas or New Year’s Eve , the trick is to choose original fabrics, like velvet.

The colors that can not miss at Christmas are black and red. They are the typical ones but with which you will always be right. White and raw are also seasonal colors, so getting one of this style is also a good idea.

To complete the look bet on metabolized blazers, fur coats, jewel bags, maxi necklaces, fringe earrings, etc. with very little you will be radiant.

Christmas fashion gift idea

Christmas fashion idea

With Christmas just around the corner you may already start thinking about the gifts for yours and also for yourself. Because we also deserve a gift from time to time! Is not it?

If you have to give things to adults it is possible that you have a sea of ​​doubts, but do not worry because today I want to give you some fashionable ideas for you to give away and that also … do not fail in your choice!

Mostly I will base myself on jewelry and fashion items … because this never fails in women. At least I love them!

Not to fail

So that a gift does not fail you will have to look for the way to personalize it, that is to say that the person who receives it feels that it has been thought exclusively for her and for nobody else. One idea is to add to the gift the initial or the name of the person who will receive the beautiful gift.

Do not miss the following ideas so that when you start shopping for Christmas purchases you can have some fashion ideas to give to your friends or family … do not miss any details!

 Pendants with initials

There are precious pendants with initials that will surely delight the person who gives it to you since you will be giving away a unique piece of jewelry and also thought exclusively of it.

The initial can be a name or any important aspect for the person such as the name of a child, the name of the person who gives it to them, the initial of a city that the person who gives the pendant will love, etc. You can find many and very nice in your usual jewelry. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

 Jewelry: earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings

What woman does not like fashion accessories and accessories? A good earrings, a nice bracelet, a wonderful pendant or a special ring … can also be very sophisticated gifts and that any woman loves.

 Bag or backpack

What woman does not like bags or backpacks? I have always thought and I think it is a complement that EVERY woman we have to have at home, and it never hurts to have new models to match with our clothes!

Clothes for women Christmas fashion

Top Christmas fashion

The  women ‘s clothing color  becomes one of the major trends year – end because the Christmas celebration that identifies with that color inspires us to leverage the same to look in many ways and bring us the Christmas spirit. And this year you will have many options because H & M brings us a lot of clothes for women in red Christmas trend.

And surely every Christmas you have been carried away by this trend women’s clothing in red . And it is that the color is vibrant and we love to wear it, it also makes us feel full of joy that inspires us also the Christmas ornaments and decoration. It’s time to take on Christmas fashion and color your outfits. Maybe you should choose a nice red sweater, think about the many possibilities of combination that it offers.

But the details are also important maybe you think of a girl style look in red and for this you can take advantage of accessories such as scarves in red or a cute red bag you will love!

And the holiday season is perfect for you to look sexy and very fashionable, you can easily do it, especially if you choose beautiful  short dresses in red  like the ones we show you in these images. We love them and we know that you will also love them, and red is always worn so you can wear these dresses just by changing accessories and accessories on many other occasions.

There are several styles, each of these  dresses in red  is elegant and at the same time very sexy. Although the image above is a tight dress bare shoulders that looks fantastic for a party and of course any girl will find it perfect.

Christmas fashion dress for man

Christmas fashion idea 2018

Today we bring to the blog some  looks of man  that we have thought for this  Christmas , in this second installment we present the  more formal or arranged men’s looks. We continue to think of combinations of colors such as  red and green , for being very representative colors of these dates, but this time using formal cut trousers and shirt.

As we see in this first look, we have composed a suit with pieces of different colors, as we mentioned before red, green and navy blue are what make this look that is both bold and elegant. As is customary  in our men’s looks, we use natural raw materials, such  as cotton and wool, to keep warm and comfortable. This first look inside out consists of  American  red wool and pants navy.

We can not fail to mention, a basic element that is repeated in our looks, is the club shirt. A round-neck shirt , which brings a touch of originality and distinction, and why not differentiation because it is a neck not very fashionable, but if widely used in the classic tailoring and among the male referents in the world of fashion.

Christmas fashion dress for women

best Christmas fashion

Definitely for this end of the year season you will need some Christmas fashion dress for women so that in this way you can be very beautiful in the most special celebration of the whole year . One of the fundamental factors that every woman looks for the good night is a fashionable dress with which they can look radiant and elegant not only for the time of the Christmas dinner, but to go to the dance after the family dinner or with the friends.

The Christmas fashion dress for women are simply with you like and what you’ve always been looking for , inside you can find the classic black dress but in really elegant models that can combine perfectly with the accessories that you like and that make you stand out more so that you look sensational. In addition to the classic black color you can also find a wide variety of special colors for Christmas and end of the year festivities.

Another good alternative for Christmas is that you use one of the different dresses that have sequins which will be the most suitable to give you a touch of glamour, with fringes at the bottom. The best alternative is to use it with high-heeled shoes so you can look more attractive and with a more stylized figure, if a model is too short dress is perfect for you to complement the look with a simple hairstyle. Remember that the accessories with the complement in this case: a long necklace will be the ideal and a handbag too. For the good night it is always a good alternative to have one or another shine at hand. The dresses with sequins with the best alternative.

On the other hand the red dresses are the best for Christmas, this is one of the colors with which you can fully live the Christmas spirit, is ideal especially for young women who want to be very beautiful in both dinner and at the party that you will enjoy together with all your family and friends in the most special night of the year. If you live is a place where the good night comes accompanied by high temperatures it is best to use a short red Christmas dress with which you can look radiant, you can choose either close to the body or a little more loose.

Makeup at Christmas fashion

the Christmas fashion

Christmas is coming and obviously we all want to look spectacular, because it is a special date and you can achieve it with these tips. I want to start mentioning that to get the results you want with makeup you must first prepare your skin with your daily routine products and let your skin absorb them. Then paint your eyes with neutral colors that combine with your clothes but that is not so des combined. The shades of earth with frost or a Smokey look will make your face stand out, it will get you out of trouble this time, which will certainly attract many looks because by combining the colors you will have a dazzling look that everyone will love, just like you use Eyeliner and eyelash mask will make you look super festive. The eyebrows are an important part, because of the symmetry that it brings to your face, that’s why perfect eyebrows will contribute too much to this Christmas look. Choose a base that is exact the color of your skin so that it is accentuated properly. The base and face powder should be placed at the end, due to the fact that the shadows fall on the face and can damage the base if you do it at the beginning. After you put this on, you go to the blush and you do it in the way that goes the most to your face because of the shape and the effect you want it to have. The highlighters or highlighters are a total trend this 2018, so you can apply on your face to give that bright touch. If your lips are my recommendation is always the, for being a striking color that never looks bad, however if you like more nude or pink colors are also an excellent option to look beautiful. Since you have an idea of ​​how to make up at Christmas, I invite you to always innovate with your face and never stop doing something for fear of looking bad.

Finally, tomorrow December starts and with the last month of the year also comes the time with more appointments marked in red on our agenda. In addition to the family celebrations, the meetings with your friends, the reunion with your colleagues from the university and the college and the annual dinner with your childhood friends in the village, you have to go to the Christmas party with the company . And as for almost everything in this life at Christmas fashion. If you have not finished yet saturated with the autumn flowers, opt for them, they give joy in a time of year of sad colors or vertical stripes that also stylize the figure. In addition, combined with high-heeled booties, they are one of the safest outfits.

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