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We present you the rating of the 5 cheapest cars in Russia. Many future car owners decide to buy a new car, but this requires a lot of money. Therefore, it is often necessary to choose from budgetary technology options. Below is a list of inexpensive cars in the Russian Federation. After a small boom in the car market last year, analysts were still able to install 5-Ku, which are very popular and are also considered the cheapest brands.

DAEWOO (RAVON) MATIZcars in Russia

It occupies one of the first places in the rating among the most inexpensive cars in Russia, the price of the basic model is about 315,000 Russian rubles. The volume of the engine is 0.8 liters, with a capacity of 51 liters. with., a mechanical five-speed gearbox. The fuel consumption on city roads is 7.4 liters and on the road 4 liters. It is very convenient and easy to operate such a car, maintenance and repair do not require high costs. An affordable model for those who intend to save money. Read more:

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LADA GRANTAcars in Russia

The second place in the market of cars of economy class is occupied by LADA GRANTA, the cost of this model varies within 368 000 rubles. The engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 82, 87, but horsepower 106, robotic or mechanical five-speed gearbox. The consumption of gasoline in the city of 9 liters, in the countryside 5.8 liters. If you compare with the previous model, then this car brand has a safety cushion and anti-lock system. The provided car is designed to run on the roads of Russia and the repair is fairly simple and cheap. Read more: SEVEN PROFITABLE POSSIBLE BUSINESS  WITH CARS

LIFAN SMILYcars in Russia

In third place is the hatchback LIFAN SMILY, which costs from 370 000 rubles. The volume of the engine is 1.35 liters, with a capacity of 89 horsepower, the manual gearbox is five-speed. In the passenger compartment of the car, there can be four passengers without difficulty and there is quite a lot of room in the luggage compartment. The fuel consumption of this brand of the car is 10 liters of fuel per path segment of 100 kilometers.

RAVON R2cars in Russia

Among the cars of economy class, the fourth place in the top is RAVON R2. The cost of such a car at a price can be 380,000 rubles for a minimum package. The engine capacity of 1.2 liters with a capacity of 85 horsepower in the kit is the addition of a four-speed automatic transmission. The auto includes a glass heating function, an onboard computer, an audio system, a power steering. Fuel consumption on city roads is 8.2 liters, as for fuel consumption outside the city, the consumption is 5.1 liters.

LADA PRIORAcars in Russia

The fifth place in the rating of comparatively cheap cars in Russia is the sedan LADA PRIORA. The cost of the basic equipment can vary between 390 000 rubles. The engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 98 horsepower, and there is a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. The kit has an important addition, such as an airbag and, in addition, the car has a central lock. Additional functions also include heated seats, power steering. The fuel consumption in the city is 8.7 liters, in the countryside 5.8 liters.

It was the rating of the 5 cheapest cars in Russia. Before buying a car from these brands, car dealerships provide an opportunity to take a test car and in the course of the testing check for yourself how the car behaves in different conditions. This allows the future owner to decide on the choice and give preference to the brand of the car where passengers will be comfortable. With the help of a test drive, it will be much easier for a motorist to choose the best car from the above, which are provided in today’s rating.

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