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business ideas in education

5 business ideas in education of children

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None of those ideas is to set up an academy or give private classes because I guess you do not need to read the obvious in a blog. I have preferred to raise slightly more original or less known concepts. All are related to the education of children, but not only from the academic point of view, although it is the main source of inspiration. The formation of new generations is something fundamental for society, and you can bring much-added value with different business ideas.

1. Parent education workshops

business ideas in education

We live in a very strange society in some aspects. If we want to drive a car, they force us to spend hours of theory and practice and to pass an exam. Something that is understood, to avoid accidents. But to have children, there is no prerequisite. Not even compulsory education, despite the tremendous impact that education has on the future of children and society in general.

But you do not need to look around a lot to see how many parents have no idea how to get an appropriate education. It is not easy, and nobody has the perfect answer. However, it is possible to learn some basic principles to avoid the biggest mistakes, and that children do not have to go to Super Nanny or Big Brother.

Hence, it could be interesting to set up parent education workshops. Of course, many people would probably be too proud to recognize that they need help, but surely there are many others who would welcome that proposal with interest.

2.Tutoring of children at a distance

Private lessons are a business that takes a long time, and that is often used as extra income by students or teachers. But they have several drawbacks. The main one is undoubtedly losing a lot of time on the trips. Another important is that classes are often canceled at the last minute. If instead of going physically to the student’s home, remote tutorials are mounted, using teleconferencing, then many more children can be attended in a day, without wasting time in transportation and with a much smaller impact of cancellations, since could take care of another child in substitution.

3. Personal trainer for childrenbusiness ideas in education

Changes in eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are affecting children a lot. In countries like Spain, the rate of childhood overweight and obesity is at alarming levels. That’s why it’s not foolish to think of a personal trainer service for children. It would be a professional who would force the child to be more active, leaving aside video games, the computer, and mobile for activities with more physical wear, but always with a component of fun. It’s not about doing military training, just about being healthier.

4. Thematic App to learn a subjectbusiness ideas in education

Technology can be a great help to learn. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to imagine the development of some applications for the mobile phone or the computer that allow being formed with an original, fun and adapted to children method. If you have computer skills, you could partner with an educator and design payment software.

5. Prepare a holiday notebook

It’s a holiday classic, but so far, it seems it’s always been a monopoly of big publishers. But, in reality, any teacher could design their own series of exercises to help children in the transition between two courses. It can be stated in the same way that the self-publication of a book is proposed. If you make a good product, you can reach many potential customers, in physical or digital format. The important thing is that parents trust the author of the notebook, and that’s why the communication would have to insist a lot on the profile of the author and their educational skills.

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