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bridesmaid dresses

12 tips to choose bridesmaid dresses

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Who to choose as bridesmaid dresses? If this is your big question, it is important that you bear in mind that they will be your company on the day of marriage.  Therefore, they will play a key role. We explain how to make the best choice.

The bridesmaid dresses are that group of friends who will not only accompany you in your wedding ceremony, but will be there to help you with the preparations for this. They will be with you the day you choose the wedding dress, they will help you find the shoes that fit perfectly and, in addition, they will encourage you to wear that veiled bridal hairstyle in a way that looks modern and glamorous.

For the reasons above, choosing them is not a task that you should take lightly and requires putting a series of details into consideration, beyond the desire of many of you to be part of your wedding procession after seeing the photo of the engagement ring. Do you want advice so you know how to choose your bridesmaid dresses? Here we tell you

Take into account the size of your wedding

bridesmaid dresses

While it is true that there is no such thing as a correct number of bridesmaids, consider the size of your celebration can give you light when defining a figure. In general, there is talk that there are between 4 or 5 ladies on each side of the ceremony, but the place where they celebrate it can shorten or increase that number. For example, if it is a very small and intimate wedding, with no more than 50 guests, with four bridesmaids will be enough; now, if you are going to have 180 guests or more, you can upload the number to about 12 if you wish.

The only recommendation is that you think of an amount that is easy to handle, since with them you will have to coordinate various details such as elegant party dresses that will wear, the bridal shower, wedding gifts, among others.

Make a list to be able to choose the bridesmaid dresses

best bridesmaid dresses

Whether you are or not of those who like to make lists, when it comes to marriage preparations is almost essential and, to make this decision, will give you more perspective. Another of the tips to choose bridesmaid dresses is to think about the possible candidates and define what is the degree of proximity to each one , how are their jobs, their defects and qualities, what could you bring and if you visualize accompanying you in your day B.

Reduce the options if necessary

With the base list, a number in the head and defined responsibilities, you can start discarding. Think about the reason why you wrote them down, they are your lifelong friends, even if they do not talk so much anymore or are those new friends with whom you spend most of your time. Visualize if you see them fulfilling the functions that you require or if your company excites you for that day. Shorten the list, let it rest, and revise it days later.

Define the responsibilities of the bridesmaid dresses

the bridesmaid dresses

Beyond the complicity that you can have with a group of friends during this process you will need to count on your support and support so that the stress of the preparations does not overwhelm you. As the Beatles song says, you can fix them with a little help from your friends. But for your company to really be useful, you must be clear about what you need to collaborate with.

Start by identifying the tasks before marriage, such as accompanying you to find the 2019 wedding dress and other accessories to complete your bridal look, giving you their opinion for floral wedding arrangements and other details of the decoration, that you help with the music, the food you are going to serve, in a few words, be your right hand for everything related to the organization.

Also, the bachelor party is usually in charge of your bridesmaids. They will organize that day for you and they will take care of everything related to this event, such as the place, the type of party, the clothing they will use, the activities, among others. In your marriage, they also play a fundamental role. While you prepare, they will be with you at all times to verify that things are in place, that the hairstyle is seen as in the tests, that the makeup is not too heavy, that the dress fits well, in short, that you look perfect and do not have setbacks before walking to the altar.

Check the relationship between them

To answer the question about how are bridesmaids chosen ?, it is important to be clear that not all your candidates may know each other and that their personalities are very different, this sometimes works and sometimes does not. The important thing is that you analyze if the group you are forming can work together or if you think they may have friction.

Avoid bringing together very strong and conflicting personalities, since the dynamics between them can generate unnecessary stress. Remember that the idea is to help you lighten the burden of the wedding, not the opposite.

How to manage the family?

If you have sisters or close cousins, it is more likely that you will not hesitate for a second to have them as the first choice of candidates, since they are the closest people you have had throughout your life. However, sometimes you can be involved in uncomfortable family situations in which a distant relative wants to be part of the procession and you feel obliged to include her, as can also happen to your in-laws.

Keep in mind that kinship should not condition decisions and that no matter how much relationship you have, you can always say that -no-, yes, expressing the negative in a respectful way.

Do they have enough time to play the role of bridesmaids?

When you organize marriage it is possible that everything in your life revolves around that day and is at the top of your priorities. However, for all your friends it is not like that, so it is important that you think if you can really take the load.

Think about whether your work, family, studies or other activities leave them with the necessary time that you require them to dedicate to your link or if, however much you want them to accompany you, do not think it can work. Now, it is not about being radical and discarding anyone who has a job or obligations, but to determine who is willing to sacrifice a day off or to have part of their free time to assume the role of maid of honor.

Evaluate if they have economic and emotional disposition

In most cases being maid of honor is an economic expense that not always that friend you had in mind can assume. Think about the situation that may be happening and keep in mind that, if you tell them, it is likely those they will be very embarrassed to express the situation and have to borrow or something just to accompany you. In the same way, some may be going through a difficult time, either because of a breakup, problems with their work or family, and not having the head to focus on your marriage.

Be empathetic and consider the contexts before making the proposal. It is also important that you let her know with confidence that, in case she cannot accept the role, nothing will happen, thank her for being sincere.

Do not make decisions because you feel obligated

Another tip to choose the bridesmaid dresses is to keep in mind that, the fact that you have been part of the bridal courtship of a friend or someone close does not mean that it must necessarily be included in yours. On the other hand, if you do not want certain people to be part of it, calm! It’s your day and you decide who you want as a company.

Have real expectations

Do not expect your bridesmaid dresses to perform functions or perform tasks they cannot afford. When you select and have clear the list of tasks in which they could accompany you, set realistic objectives. For example, if not everyone has a high salary, it is understandable that the bachelorette party is not a trip to a distant destination or that the long party dresses they wear are designer. In the same way, it is essential to avoid overloading them with tasks; they have commitments other than marriage that they must fulfill, so flexibility and understanding are important.

They can be whoever you want

The tradition pointed out that bridesmaids should be single, but all that has changed. You do not have to limit the choice even to friends. If you want a man to be your maid of honor, you can choose him without any problem. The only thing that matters is that he is a person who makes your life easier.

You have to feel comfortable with the decision

At the end of the day the group you select should go according to how comfortable you can feel in your company. While you will receive dozens of tips and many will try to influence the decision, who is in charge is you.

Do not try to please anyone and try to keep your wishes firm. Also, be very tactful when communicating who is going to accompany you so that you do not hurt any susceptibility. The best thing is that you try to maintain a balance in which those who want to be part of your wedding can, at least, have a small role as a reading. Let everyone feel included, so do not be part of your wedding procession.

With these steps it will not be difficult for you to know how to choose your bridesmaid dresses and you will be able to think about the party dresses that you want to wear that day. Be present to make the proposal in some original and fun way either by making them get a kit or quoting the day you should choose the simple wedding dress, where you will wait with a surprise.

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