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The first thing we need to know when we talk about the bomber jacket is that under that pseudonym we hide a multitude of names. The B3, or original bomber. The A2, the MA1, the B10 and the B15. The last three are currently the most popular.

Why is it reinventing so much? To start because of the army updates. To continue because it has so many clichés on it that it does not know how to make a hole in fashion. Despite the obvious need for one of these bómber jackets in any wardrobe.

Reagge stars, Silvester Stalone, Steve McQueen, Skinheads and above all bomber pilots, help us understand the timelessness of bomber jacket.bomber jacket

KNOWING MR. IRVINbomber jacket

Leslie Lorey Irvin was born in Los Angeles in 1895. In her youth, she participated as an extra for the Californian film industry. He jumped for the first time in 1914 parachute a height of 1000 feet and it took him so much pleasure that he joined the British Royal Air Force soon after.

In 1919 he patented his own parachute. He threw himself to prove it in a descent remembered as successful even though Irvin broke an ankle on landing. Occupational hazards.

Recovered from his injury a few months later, he founded in Irving (New York) the Irving Air Chute Company (With g at the end of Irvin by mistake of a secretary that would not be removed from the name until 1970, or so they say) The first parachutes were sold like churros during the Second World War. Leslie designed a good range of products to meet the needs of the pilots … Safety belts, parachutes and of course the bomber jacket or, if we want to become technicians,  the B3 jacket. Read more: The 5 Best Winter Coats For Lady With Those Who Will Feel You Warm and Fashion


If the pilots of the first world raised their heads, they would remain stone with the bomber jacket that is sold today. The original B3 was patented by Irvin in 1926. It was a leather jacket or thick leather, with buckle closures on the sides, front zipper and wool sheepskin on the inside to the neck. A super-jacket designed exclusively to cover the bodies of pilots who, at more than 30,000 feet, suffered temperatures of sixty degrees below zero in depressurized cabins. The bomber we know today is very similar to this one. What happened?

THE AMERICANS AND THE A-2bomber jacket

The American textile industry took note of Irvin and designed for those pilots who flew at a lower altitude a much more comfortable alternative. Without sheepskin, with two side pockets and incorporating elasticated cuffs and hem for the first time. The leather was changed for the seal skin and later for horse skin. The A-2 highlights the best of its predecessor and focuses on the bomber jacket we know. But it is not the latest innovation.

The A-2 aviator jackets were extended among the civilian population for its proven protection against the cold and because it was seen as a symbol of heroism. It was mass produced and remained a regular pledge of the United States Army from the 1930s to the mid-1960s. There are currently several public figures who can be seen with it.


The A-2 became an object of worship while another American general, Arnold Gap, grew tired of the seal skin and took advantage of the emergence of synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, to renew the clothing of the troops. Last twist on the jacket. The same objective as the B-3, same pockets and elastics as the A-2, much lighter and its own characteristic, is waterproof.

It incorporates for the first time the pocket in the left sleeve designed to keep bolis or anything useful at the controls of a fighter. The MA-1 jacket and its derivatives B-15 and B-10 (with collar) are the most recent military version of what we know today as the bomber jacket. The model with the orange interior is designed for pilots to turn the jacket over and be located by other colleagues. NASA uses a renewed version of the MA-1 in its trips to space. Alpha Industries, a company that sells military jackets, began to produce it en masse and its expansion to this day is so evident that it does not stop appearing both fans and detractors.


All the jackets that are used for something are controversial, because of being on the street. The bomber is associated with skinheads and it is normal because this movement has been using it in its usual aesthetic. Military, reggae singers, politicians, athletes and Hollywood stars fall as soon as they have the chance. Without giving explanations to anyone. Any cliché that you want to incorporate into this garment is discredited by its usefulness throughout history. Only for Irvin is it worth having one.


Well, compete for face to face with the Harrington. But yes, we are talking about one of the 10 pieces that we teach our friends. I have worn the 198 bombers for several days. I have to say that with this jacket it is not easy to go unnoticed. People are fixed, some are surprised and others because they want to know where you bought it. I have remembered Irvin many times in the middle of the road. When the shoes were puffed but my wool sweater intact. Continue reading Leather jacket: Garments with history

Finally, if you want to buy the bomber jacket in Spain we offer you the MA-1 with the original cut and the Apollo face embroidered on the chest. 100% cotton fabric and with the classic tartan inner lining of our jackets. Manufactured in Europe and as always, for every item you buy, we will donate an equal one.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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