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Is boltless shelving as good as bolted?

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There are many advantages to using either or both of the systems of shelving. One thing that you do not have to be concerned about is the degree of strength and safety that the boltless option offers. It is exactly the same as that of the bolted option. Naturally, you will have to observe the manufacturer’s weight limit instructions but the option of the Boltless Shelving still gives you a considerable amount of holding space. For some excellent options take a look at  https://www.rackzone.ie/boltless-shelving-175kg.

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The first thing to consider is what is going to go on the shelves? Boltless shelving, as the name suggests uses a system without bolting the shelves in place. The shelve itself has sizable metal hook latches at all four corners. This then slots securely into place into the racking.

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What are the advantages of this system? Probably the most standout feature is that you can adjust the varying heights of the racking to accommodate what you want to put on it. Boltled shelving, whilst very secure, is an annoyance to change as it is requiring tool work. Boltless  pops out, and in easily so you can vary the items that you have. This can be a considerable asset if you have multiple sized items that you need together and close to hand.

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