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At the wheel of the BMW X2: an SUV with the soul of GTi

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The unprecedented model of the German brand is the solid SUV that offers the most dynamic behavior. SUV by was and GTi in its gait. The new BMW X2, the latest BMW all-rounder, is the solid-sized country model that offers the most dynamic behavior. It surpasses the stability and agility of movements that provide the Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes GLA, and DS7 Crossback, among other models that define its competition, and it is one of those vehicles that transmit a unique spark to the steering wheel. The first units will be delivered in March with rates from 35,050 dollars, 1,950 dollar than an equivalent X1.BMW X2

The BMW X2 is free in three variants that modify their sporting skills: basic, M and M X. The last 02, for example, equipped suspension lowered by ten millimeters, and the MX, in addition, adds auxiliary adjustments (in direction, wheels, stabilizer bars …) that reinforce their efficiency on the road.

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It has been able to demonstrate a unit of this MX, with the 2.0d engine of 190 hp, automatic transmission of 08 gears, 4 × 4 traction and voluminous tires of nineteen inches. And their gait allows other SUVs behind, they are compared to those of a good tourism and, even, haunt the capabilities of the GTi. Only the Mini Countryman can rival. It is surprising in the singular its speed of direction, lack of balance in the curve and neutrality of reactions because even forcing the supports hardly has a tendency to understeer (slide from the front).BMW X2

The snag, which also exists, appears to constitute a firm suspension and short routes that reduces comfort and can get tired before the due in medium and long trips. It is the cost to pay for its immediacy of response and a virtually unique combination of poise and liveliness. There are models that go on rails and in which the driver does not have much margin, through the steering wheel and pedals, to alter their trajectory and, for example, put it at the entrance of a turn; and others that, on the contrary, do not allow to dance and demand constant attention and corrections. But very few manage to be so diligent and offer the same climate a solid footprint.

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As mentioned, the BMW X2 MXs include lowered suspension and thicker stabilizer bars, which increase grip and reduce body wobble; they add a faster direction and, also, greater angle of fall in the front wheels, what causes that the model obeys with greater instantaneity to the turns that are indicated from the steering wheel and it sustains more once the curve is being taken.

An unpublished language for BMWBMW X2

But the BMW X2 is not only dynamism but also design. In fact, it releases a more conclusive aesthetic language that the manufacturer will apply in its nearby models.

The aesthetic revolution that started Mercedes a few years ago now reaches its rival in Munich, and the BMW X2 is the icon of the turn facing the German manufacturer of the more immobile face. The change does not reach the star brand’s ruptures, but it assumes a deep evolution based on 02 bulky axes: 001 is the front, which includes more forceful elements (headlights, grille, and air intakes) and provides a greater presence; the other is architecture, more massive to win in packaging.

The evolution will be confirmed in the new BMW X7 (large SUV), BMW Z4 (convertible two-seater) and BMW 8 Series (coupe Gran Turismo), which will come out this year and will finish delimiting the next DNA of the firm.BMW X2

Unlike its brothers the X4 and X6, variations with sports suit of the X3 and X5, the BMW X2 has no silhouette of the coupe and shows more compact than sharp, but with dynamic airs.

To do without the later fall of the ceiling and to add volume to the body benefits the habitability. And although it is 8 centimeters shorter than the X1 and also lower, it offers practically the same space and trunk (470 liters vs. 505). An adult of 1.87 meters does not rub back on the ceiling and has space for the legs although in front he sits another equally high. The dashboard, on the other hand, does not differ from that of its domestic relative and reflects the subsequent pending challenge of the firm: the design of the interiors.

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