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Pizza, dough, better at home

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Always pizza makes better at home. It is one of those foods that nobody ever rejects. Even on a diet, we look for healthy options that resemble it. We can not escape from it, we love it. Throughout our lives, at least once we will try to learn how to make pizza, and we will surely prepare one better at home with friends or family. And whether it’s good or not, we’ll enjoy it and we’ll be happy.

In the kitchen, as in almost anything in life, we can get as complicated as we want, but it also happens the other way around. You can do things as simple as we want without sacrificing in final quality. One of the pizzas that I like to do better at home recipe, but homemade does not mean doing it in a way that does not deserve a place of honor at our table.

With pizza, we can complicate everything we want. For example, we can make a pizza with a specific flour, or mixing flours. We can make the pizza better at home with a cold fermentation, with several fermentations, we can add sourdough, or put a yeast or another. We can make the pizza with very elaborate tomato sauce, we can use stone for the oven, some ingredients or others, etc.

To give you an idea a pizza can be as complicated as we want and also everything simple better at home. Today we decided to make a very simple pizza, with the idea that all of you can make it at home simply by following the steps and advice that we are going to give you here. Do you cheer up?

Mass better at home better at home

As I do not invent (I do not know if someone does it nowadays), but I look, I learn and then I do my own experiments, What we are going to do today is the simplest mass of all, which in Italy is often called the Vera Pizza Napoletana, so it will only contain flour, yeast, salt, and water.

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Ingredients to make Pizza better at home for 2 peoplebetter at home

170 Grs. of Force Flour

108 Grs. of warm water

4 Grs. of salt

16 Grs. of fresh yeast

With these quantities comes a pizza of normal size, which when cutting gives us 8 small portions so that for two people is ideal.

And if we want to make more units, it is only to multiply the quantities by the number of pizzas that we are going to prepare. Keep in mind that in the ovens we have at home we can not make very large pizzas and that, in addition, sometimes it is better to bake two or three pizzas than to want to do everything in one.

Preparation to pizza better at homebetter at home

  • We start by giving a warm water temperature since cold prevents the yeast from working and fermenting. Once this is done, put the water in a bowl and dilute the yeast, previously crumbled.
  • Add two tablespoons of flour to this liquid. Mix well so there are no lumps and let stand 10 minutes.
  • At the end of that time, we will see that the yeast with the flour and the water have begun to ferment, observing that bubbles form. This is the moment in which we will incorporate the rest of the flour and salt, mixing little by little with a wooden spoon or in the kneading machine if we have it.
  • Keep in mind that if we do it on the machine, the quantities for a single pizza may not be enough for the mixture to be made correctly.
  • When all the flour has been mixed we will notice that the dough is detached from the walls of the container. Remove the dough from there and knead it by hand about 5 minutes, on the counter of the kitchen. Then we will form a ball with it.
  • We will place the ball of dough obtained again in the bowl and cover it with a clean cloth. We must now let the club “grow” for 30 minutes. This time also depends on the ambient temperature, since in warmer places that half hour will be enough, but in cold days or places, it may take more time. We will know that the dough is at its point to make the pizza when we see that it has doubled its volume.
  • We will preheat the oven to 250º, since the hotter, the better pizza we will get.
  • On the kitchen counter, sprinkled with flour, we will stretch the dough, making sure it is round and, if we can, that the edges are a little fatter than the center.
  • We now place the ingredients that we like or have at hand. Today, I put a little tomato sauce on the dough, thinly sliced onion, smoked bacon in strips, and finely grated sheep cheese. Some black olives on top and a touch of basil.
  • With 12 minutes of an oven, with the pizza placed on baking paper and on a grill have been enough to go out as wanted and expected. With the grill and the paper, I have managed to make the base of the pizza not soft. The ideal? Buy a stone for an oven in a specialized store, they are very good and from what I have been told, not very expensive.

 Suggestions for Pizza at homebetter at home

  • If you look at the photo of the finished pizza, you will see that despite being well baked, its appearance will be white.
  • There are small “tricks” for a more roasted result: a teaspoon of sugar will help us in the oven the dough take more color.
  • Another of the ingredients that can be put in the dough at the time of making it is a spoonful of good olive oil. It gives perfume and flavor and makes the dough more crunchy.
  • I’ve also met whoever put an egg, but beware! This is valid if am.

Once you have the dough, you can make pizza with the ingredients that you crave. I give you a basic recipe, you can start from that and use your creativity and availability to achieve incredible flavors in pizza better at home.

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