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10 programs to create the best presentations

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Are you tired of always using PowerPoint? In this note, we offer you some quality alternatives to create best presentations. The problem with many presentations is that besides not offering anything original, they are boring and, therefore, make concentrating an increasingly complex task.best presentations

In a person’s personal or work life, public presentation is a situation that must be traversed at some point. Whether you are an employee, manager, student, professional or teacher, you will need to speak well and have good communication skills. It is useless to have a knowledge and not be able to transmit it. Therefore, today we offer a series of recommendations that the North American orator, Courtney E. Martin, shared through TED Blog, after talking with different figures who went through the 18 minutes offered by the TED talks and give their point of view about what happened to the public once the time established for their best presentations has elapsed.

A free e-book that explains what are the main considerations to take into account when preparing an effective presentation, that manages to awaken the attention of the public and that is remembered.

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Knoviobest presentations

Knovio is a free program that allows you to add audios and videos to your best presentations. In addition, it offers the possibility of sharing them through social networks or email. Among its greatest advantages is not having a video limit, so it is possible to add all those that are necessary.

PowToonbest presentations

PowToon is a video animation program that is here to stay. The best presentations created with this program are interesting, engaging and entertaining. Although at first sight, it seems difficult to use, this program is similar to PowerPoint, with the peculiarity that it allows adding animated slides. Like other programs, it has a free version that allows you to create all the videos you want, but with a duration of up to 5 minutes

Prezibest presentations

Prezi offers the possibility of creating engaging and dynamic animated best presentations. Although at the beginning it can be a bit complex to understand, there are many tutorials that can get you all the doubts. It is important to note that access to this program is free, although up to 100MB, which only allows for few presentations.

Emazebest presentations

Emaze has some of the best presentation templates, among which you can choose newspaper articles or advertising posters. If you do not know how to use it, that will not be a problem, since before you enable the creation of best presentations, the page offers a tutorial. Like other options mentioned, you have a free version with limited use or a monthly payment. One of its main advantages is the ability to add a password to your best presentations, and send them by mail or share them on social networks.

Haiku Deckbest presentations

The Haiku Deck program can be understood as the Instagram version for best presentations. Not only is it simple to operate, but it also offers the option to use it for free from a computer or from an iPad. Once the presentation is finished, you can choose your access (restricted or public), convert it into PDF or a PowerPoint document and share it on social networks

 Slidebeanbest presentations

It is a free online tool that allows you to add content and automatically adapts the added format into an attractive slide; allowing you to create best presentations with great aesthetic value and in a very short time. It has a very simple interface and its web platform allows exporting PowerPoint or PDF best presentations. In addition, it contains a large number of templates that will get you out of a hurry if you do not have a prepared design.

Canva – Presentationsbest presentations

The main attribute of this program is how easy it is to use it and also the graphics quality. It has a large number of predetermined designs that you can customize to your liking and allow you to create best presentations even without design notions.

Google Slidesbest presentations

Another of the great tools offered by Google in the cloud. With Google Slides you can create best presentations collaboratively. It offers a large number of themes, sources, the possibility of inserting videos and animations, among other things.

Vismebest presentations

This program not only allows you to create best presentations, but you can also make infographics, graphics, and other visual content. It is a very intuitive platform that does not require prior knowledge. It offers varied themes and templates, interactive elements, the possibility of inserting videos and other content from external sources, the possibility of inserting animated text, access to free images, among other benefits.

Swipebest presentations

With the slogan that says “turn your best presentations into stories”, this online tool works in Markdown. It offers interactive options that make Swipe a unique tool, such as polls and surveys. With a simple link then you can share your best presentation with anyone and on any device. Their resources allow students or the audience to participate with their phones or devices answering surveys, which makes the presentations an experience

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