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Create the best bar graphs designed in minutes

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Bar graphs designed is very similar to that of columns, only the position in which the rectangles that make up the different bars appear varies. They are very useful to represent negative and positive values of the data series.

The varieties offered by this bar graphs designed in both 2D and 3D are the same as those offered by the column charts. In figure 10.8 we can see some of these varieties of bar graphs. The last of the diagrams shown also represents negative data in two of its bars.

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Create bar graphs to present information clearly and visuallybar graphs designed

Complement your reports, presentations, and infographics with bar graphs designed in Canva … for free! Yes, numbers and statistics are important, but you have to be realistic: many times we just read them over. Instead of boring your audience, get your attention with a bar graph that allows you to compare and analyze figures with just a glance.

Canva facilitates your work: just write the names of the values or copy them and paste them from a spreadsheet and Canva will design your bar graph. Customize the colors and typography, and then share your design with whoever you want.

Open a new bar graph designbar graph design

Follow these steps to design a clear and visual bar graph:

  • Create a Canva account to design your own bar chart.
  • Select a template and click on the text boxes and images to customize your bar graph.
  • Customize all the details, such as colors, typography, etc.
  • Choose graphic elements such as frames, shapes, and lines from our extensive collection.
  • Save and share.

Since everything is on the Internet, everyone can helpbar graph design

As Canva is available completely online, it is very easy to use. You just have to create an account and start designing. We keep all your designs in the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere from any laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Also, there is no reason to work alone. Let your colleagues and friends help you: click on Share, check the option that allows others to edit the design and send the link to whoever you want. So, others can access your bar graph design and collaborate with you.

Add and edit your information in just a few clicksbar graph design

In the toolbar, click on the “Data” button. You will see a table with “Label” and “Values” columns. To start creating your bar graph, enter your data in the table. You can manually type in each row or copy and paste from an existing file. And if you then have to edit your data, you can do it in a matter of seconds. If you select a bar in your graph, the corresponding cell in the table will be highlighted.

Resize your bar graphs designedbar graphs designed

You no longer have to worry about the size of your bar graph. To resize your graphics, just click and drag the borders. The bars and the values will automatically adjust to the new size.

Customize the colors and choose the correct typebar graphs designed

Make sure your new bar chart matches the color palette you used in the document or presentation with the color picker and Canvas color palette. Customize the categories of your graphic with one of the more than one hundred fonts available in our editor.

Bar graphs designed chart shows the series as sets of horizontal bars. The simple Bar graphs designed chart is closely related to the column chart, which shows the series as sets of vertical bars, and the Bar graphs designed interval chart, which shows the series as sets of horizontal bars with varying starting and ending points.

Bar graphs designed is the only type of graph that shows the data horizontally. For this reason, it is commonly used to represent data that occurs over time, with a start and end date. It is also commonly used to display category information since categories can be displayed horizontally. For more information about adding data to a bar chart, see Add data to a region of chart data. The following illustration shows a bar graph designed. The Bar graphs designed is perfectly suited to this data because the three series share a common period of time, which allows valid comparisons to be made.

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