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When the baby refusing the breast

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Baby refusing the breast-The baby can reject the mother’s breast, although its nature is that of a mammal. And is prepared to be breastfed from the first moment. It is important to give the value that corresponds to breastfeeding. But in the same way it is to give solutions in cases where the baby rejects the breast.

You should know that there are some strategies and techniques that. In case your baby stops wanting to breastfeed for some reason can cause the baby to recover breastfeeding and resolve the crisis.

We know that situations in which the baby refusing the breast can be tough emotionally. Both for mothers and babies. However, it is important not to fall into despair and focus on finding solutions.

Baby refusing the breast after birth

baby refusing the breast

We can also find that the baby refusing the breast despite a good start to breastfeeding.

One of the most common causes is, again, pain, caused by an ear infection. Or some gesture that has caused him to feel discomfort in the oral or facial muscles.

Babies with reflex are also susceptible to breast rejection. Because it associates pain with food. The cramps cause much concern to children and abdominal pains. So no wonder that at that time violently reject any attempt to breastfeeding.

Another issue to consider are allergies. And food sensitivities that the mother takes. Which causes the baby abdominal discomfort, excessive mucus, babies being able, instinctively, to reject breast milk that has the taste that causes such discomfort.

Troubled babies

Babies with sensory problems and maturation delay may have difficulty breastfeeding and in those cases the help of an expert is quite necessary to successfully stimulate them.

There are also mechanical problems that cause serious problems in breastfeeding such as cleft lip and a too short pendulum. But we can also help them overcome the difficulties associated with it.

Because breastfeeding is difficult due to the shape of the mouth, the palate or the tongue. The blowjob may be ineffective. Or a posture may occur in the wrong mouth placement, which would also cause damage to the mother. Since these are very specific issues, and especially the pendulum. They really do get breastfeeding frequently ruled out.

When breastfeeding was already established

It seems that most problems should arise in the first few weeks. But this is not the case. Otherwise we would only find weaning in those early stages of breastfeeding. But, in fact, there are many cases in which the mother decides to leave her against her initial desire. When complicated situations begin to occur later. Actually, a considerable part of the women are going to find ourselves at some point with a problem that temporarily hinders breastfeeding.

There are babies who, suddenly and unexpectedly, begin to reject the breast, despite having had a good start in their breastfeeding and growing properly with exclusive breast milk.

The most common cause is what has come to be called breastfeeding strike. The baby lets breastfeed as before and even shows irritation. And anger when we offer it insistently. It is quite desperate, especially if no one is right to help us understand what the child’s problem is and give us effective solutions.

First we must rule out that some substance is changing the taste of milk, especially medicines. Or foods with a strong smell and taste. It should also be ruled out that it is the smell of some cream, gel, deodorant. Or soap that bothers the child. And if it is inevitable to use them, clean ourselves well every time.

Babies can also happen to reject the breast if they are sick with a sore throat, ear. And shortness of breath, mucus and even stomach ache. With patience, waiting for acute discomfort to remit, we will maintain production in another way if necessary.

When the rise of milk is very intense and is also left too long between the teats the chest becomes hard and can cost them to grab the nipple, rejecting it. In that case, just as if there is a too intense exit reflex. It is convenient to empty the chest a bit manually. So that breastfeeding is easier for you.

How to breastfeed again after weaning?

baby refusing the breast

Relaxation is defined as the restoration of breast milk production by a woman who has interrupted breastfeeding. If the baby stops taking the maternal food. The chances of disease increase.

That is why it is important for women to know that they can relate. If they wish, to breastfeed their own child or an adopted one. Even if there has been no other pregnancy.

With respect to adopted children, women who have never been pregnant can also establish breastfeeding in what is called induced breastfeeding. In these cases the amount of milk produced is sometimes more limited.

In relaxation, the first milk appears between the second and sixth day. The time it takes for breast milk production to begin varies between a few days and a few weeks. But it is difficult to predict. Approximately half of the mothers they relate are able to breastfeed their children exclusively within a month.

Tips for relating

According to specialists in the field, there are two essential requirements for relaxation: a strong desire on the part of the biological. Or adoptive mother to feed the child and nipple stimulation. Even so, there are factors that affect the success of the relationship.

That the mother is very motivated and has support from family, friends or experts in breastfeeding.

The breast will be offered to the child as is done with any other child. The more times the better and in the first days at least eight-ten times a day. Sometimes children get better when they are sleepy.

The first days, until the mother begins to have milk, the child will be supplemented. But the milk will be given with a glass, spoon or syringe, never with a bottle. Breastfeeding supplements are designed to provide the infant with a continuous flow of supplementary food while breastfeeding. And stimulating the breast and nipple.

When the mother starts to produce milk, the 50cc milk supplement can be reduced by 50cc every three days, controlling the child’s weight gain.

There are children who do not cling to the chest, to achieve this they can provide them with milk with a supplement. Or go pouring milk droplets into the child’s mouth, in this way you will get milk when sucking. And most likely, he will gradually accept his chest.

If the physiological methods are not effective. Or the child does not gain weight, the pharmacological methods should be considered. The drugs used are: hormonal preparations to simulate pregnancy. And help induce breastfeeding; drugs that increase the release of protactinium.

In any case, we cannot finish without pointing out that. If mothers receive good support that allows them to breastfeed optimally from birth by health and community services, relaxation should rarely be necessary. But as it happens, this support must be reviewed.

If breastfeeding has been poorly directed or interrupted, the mother has been absent or ill, relaxation may be indicated. There are several circumstances that may suggest the possibility of relaxation or induced breastfeeding.

Relaxation, breastfeeding again after weaning, is possible for almost any woman if she is adequately motivated and supported. Age, the number of children he has had, the experience of previous breastfeeding and the breastfeeding interval are less important factors. Ask for support in your health center and breastfeeding associations in your environment.

Finally, another possible cause is that the outflow is slower at the end of the shot but the child continues to be hungry. So he will get angry and may get angry at the shot, but continue to show hunger. The solution, rather than quickly feeding the bottle, is to increase the frequency of the shots. So that production also increases.

This especially happens in the so-called “growth crisis”, moments in which the child claims. Because he needs it, more milk. By giving more breastfeeding. And increasing night shots, production will usually be regulated naturally in a few days. Although it is the problem of the simplest solution. It remains one of the main causes of total or partial weaning after three or four months.


The causes for baby refusing the breast which a baby comes to refusing the breast are multiple. And the rarest of them is a real hypo tactic. Faced with a situation such as those reported. If the mother wishes to continue breastfeeding, seek specialized information. And support if we do not find the remedy for ourselves.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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