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Lexus LC 2021

Lexus LC 2021: The coupe becomes more attractive and dynamic

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The Lexus LC 2021 is one of those cars that conquers you by the look. And is that its lines are quite striking. For the MY 2021 the Japanese firm wants the coupe to stand out a bit more with new exterior shades, tire designs. And improved road behavior. A slight decrease in total weight contributes to the latter, either in the standard or hybrid version.

Regardless of the version chosen, the LC is now offered with new 20-inch wheels with a Dark Graphic finish. And two new exterior colors called Cadmium Orange. And Nori Green Pearl, while the interior of the Flare Red leather replaces the hitherto present, that is, the so-called Rioja Red. However, there is bad news for fans of white leather, as the brand has dispensed with it. As a consolation gift, Lexus updates the multimedia system with Android Aut.

Regarding the mechanical section, both the 500. And the 500h do not see their specifications modified, although they do experience a change in the electronic management of the 10-speed automatic gearbox. When it comes to driving joyfully. And the driver will see the transmission speed up a little more each relationship while the accelerator is pressed. And in addition to lowering to second speed when we ask the system for the maximum possible acceleration.

The elegant Lexus LC 2021 debuts convertible version

The elegant Lexus LC 2021

The other important change is related to the dynamic capabilities of the vehicle because. And although the brand announces a weight loss of just 10 kilos. These have been removed from the unstrung mass of the LC. The fault lies with the suspension and is that Lexus has introduced changes in some components. In addition to resorting to lighter materials for its construction. Likewise, the 21-inch wheels are now a little lighter, although curiously, only on the rear axle.

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Changes to the suspension aren’t limited solely to weight as engineers modified the system to provide the driver with a smoother ride with a sharper turn. Which is accomplished by increasing the stiffness of the rear stabilizer bar. And adjusting the adaptive dampers. In the technological part, Lexus introduces the Active Cornering Assist system, designed to act on the inner wheel brakes when turning to improve cornering.

The Asian brand’s plans are to introduce the Lexus LC 2021 later this year for a price that has not yet been revealed.

Lexus ends the GS with two special editions

The low sales of the Lexus mid-size saloon have also marked its end in Japan and the US, where it will bid farewell with the Eternal Touring and Black Line Edition versions. And elegant ES. However in the main Lexus markets, Japan and the United States, the Lexus GS was still alive. Until now.

Eternal Touring for Japanese lands

The Lexus GS Eternal Touring Edition, present in the Japanese market, is the last hurray of this model in its own house, where it will be offered with four different options. The main one being the 450h hybrid version, although it will also be available with the 300h. And two others. Exclusively gasoline powered options. In any case, this edition will feature a sporty look boasting details such as the F Sport version grille. And 19-inch aluminum wheels, orange brake calipers and Full-LED headlights with the Adaptive High Beam System.

Black Line Edition coming soon to USA

In the case of the Black Line version for the American market, things become even more interesting. Based on the GS 350 F Sport, this model also has a glossy black grille. And as well as other parts scattered around the body such as the wheels, the mirror caps and other details that contrast with the Ultra White body colors.

Lexus ES 300 h: Hybrid luxury at a good price

Lexus ES 300 h

It is almost five meters long, that is, almost ten centimetres more than the GS, but despite using hybrid power trains with almost equal powers. The Lexus ES costs 9,000 dollars less. Where is the difference? Well, nowhere in appearance because the ES presents a general quality and finishes to the level of any Lexus. Its appearance is really striking, with a very sharp line. And a considerable drop in the roof at the rear, something that looks great. But limits the height of the rear doors and therefore makes access somewhat difficult.

The interior space is good at all levels and the presentation and materials are as good as in any other model of the brand. Although there are some areas less close to the occupants where hard plastics are used. The seats are large and offer good support. The dashboard and center console have an original design with a layout of controls to get used to such as the rotary switches located on both sides of the dome of the instrumentation. And to control the driving modes. And the disconnection of the stability control.

The Lexus ES uses the so-called GA-K platform, completely different from that of the GS. Since the latter is rear-wheel drive. And the front-wheel drive ES. The suspension is independent on all four wheels, double trapezoid at the front and multi-link at the rear. The F-Sport variants add some aesthetic. And functional differences. Such as 19-inch wheels, special decorative elements on the grille and headlights, more enveloping sports seats, adaptive suspension. And the possibility of choosing a Sport S + driving mode that modifies the throttle, steering and transmission function with sportier parameters.

The propulsion system consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric one that together offer a power of 218 horsepower. The propeller offers the same torque as, for example, a 136-horse Mini Cooper, which weighs 500 kilograms less. And achieves half the speed of the Lexus. The change is a continuous variator, as in most Toyota and Lexus hybrids. These two circumstances make the accelerations and recoveries of the ES quite limited.

Driving on level ground and at constant speed it is very quiet and maintains an excellent comfort level. Despite the fact that the suspensions are really soft and with a lot of body movement. As soon as we face climbs or areas of curves with continuous changes of pace. The lag between engine rotation and real acceleration caused by the change of variator makes the sound of the gasoline propeller be noticeable enough in the cabin, reducing comfort and with slow recoveries.

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